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Partitioning System

We are working for many years in the aviation industry. Starting from primary and secondary flight controls up to intelligent actuators and cabin management systems. As different as the projects have been, we recognize common requests:

  • Separation of Applications  -  With the separation of applications, we target in detail the separation of safety criticality levels.
  • Guarantee of Runtime Behavior  -  During the guarantee of runtime, we target in parallel the deterministic system timing behavior.
  • Minimize Idle Times  -  The unused guaranteed time of an application is usable by the next application or core application

Working on a research project of Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA), we have contact with the operating system standard: ARINC653. This standard describes such a separation of applications. As the ARINC653 operating system standard is focused on extremely large systems, we see the benefits on smaller microcontrollers as well. In consequence, we have created the Partitioning System.

Partitioning System Overview
Partitioning System Overview

The figure shows a simple setup with three different applications (called partitions). Each partition is a single binary image and is independent of each other partition. The guaranteed runtime is configurable in phase tables during system design.

Software Separation

Application Separation

In contrast to the Flexible Safety RTOS where we monitor the temporal domain, the Partitioning System will control the temporal domain.


Each application is developed independently of other applications.

  • Bare metal application
  • Application with included RTOS
  • Integration of any RTOS is possible
  • System core extension allowed

Runtime Control

Specify the guaranteed timing of applications during system design.

  • Unlimited number of timings
  • Switch timings during runtime
  • Monitor runtime of applications

Queued Communication

For exchanging data, the system provides inter-partition communication.

  • Queues between applications
  • The system core extension can use this communication, too
  • Each endpoint gets a unique identifier

System Extension

The open architecture allows you to expand the core system with so-called Service Calls (SC).

  • Unlimited number of user SCs
  • SCs are interruptible by default
  • Non-interruptible SCs possible

Safety Certification

Partitioning System

As this system is used in aerospace systems, there are very limited benefits from pre-certification. Therefore, we decide to take the guided project certification approach.

Mixed Criticality

The system is used for the separation of multiple design assurance levels (DAL).

  • Multiple DALs on a single device
  • Reuse your maintenance partitions
  • Co-development of critical and non-critical partitions

Prepared Certification

You get prepared artifacts for certification according to DO-178C.

  • Artifacts for DO-178C up to DAL-A
  • Embedded Office guidance and assistance during assessment

Supported Hardware

Broad Support

The Partitioning System is ported to many architectures. The certification in a project depends on the CPU core of the processor and the cross-compiler environment. For some CPU core & compiler combinations, the document set is available. In addition to the listed chip vendor device families, all devices with the following Arm CPU Cores are supported:

  • ARM9 Microprocessors
  • Cortex-A8, A9 Microprocessors
  • Cortex-A53 Microprocessors
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