Partitioning System - Perfect balance of functionality and timing

Increase the safety and efficiency of your aerospace projects with our advanced Partitioning System, carefully designed to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry.

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Small in Size, Mighty in Performance

Introducing the cutting-edge Partitioning System, a streamlined hard-realtime operating system inspired by an aerospace standard. Achieve unparalleled safety and reliability on small to medium microcontrollers. Experience the future of deterministic timing behavior and mixed-criticality execution with us.

Real-Time Precision

Experience the pinnacle of hard real-time operating systems designed for the aerospace industry. Implement mixed criticality levels on a single microcontroller.

Dual Application Harmony

Utilize one privileged core application alongside with one or more partition applications. All harmoniously separated in time and space for uncompromised safety.

Seamless Communication

Facilitate robust communication channels between your partition applications and the core application, guaranteeing robust data exchange.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

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Effortless Integration, Unmatched Safety

Discover the unparalleled features that our Partitioning System offers, enabling a harmonious blend of cutting-edge functionality and rigorous safety standards for ambitious aerospace software developers.

  • Isolated Execution Environments Crafted for safety, our Partitioning System ensures that each application operates in its own protected space, preventing inadvertent interference and preserving system integrity.
  • Deterministic Resource Management With fine-tuned control over system resources, our solution guarantees predictability and time-critical performance, a prerequisite for any aerospace application's success.
  • Robust Fault Tolerance Engineered resilience at its core, the Partitioning System can gracefully handle and contain faults, promoting continuous operation even in the face of unexpected events.
  • Dynamic Configuration Control Adapt to evolving project requirements with ease; our Partition System supports dynamic adjustments while maintaining a steadfast safety environment.
  • Streamlined Certification Process Accelerate your path to approval with our Partitioning System built-for-certification approach, significantly reducing the time and effort needed to meet aerospace compliance.
  • Advanced Inter-Partition Communication Efficient and safe data exchange is a breeze with our system, offering high-speed communication mechanisms that never compromise the safety or performance of your applications.

The Critical Choice of Industry Visionaries

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Empowering Safety Excellence

Unlock the full potential of your aerospace project with our comprehensive Partition System support services, tailored to streamline development and maximize operational success. Our included support services are the key to unlocking the full potential of your projects.

Seamless Technical Support

Receive unparalleled guidance with our aerospace technical support, ensuring any challenges you face are swiftly and effectively resolved to keep your projects on track.

Broad Hardware Support

Get a Partitioning System package for your selected combination of public available evaluation board and cross-development environment. The included documents guide you through your first launch of the system.

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Bespoke Training Modules

Gain deep insights and proficiency with our customized training modules, designed to equip your team with the knowledge and skills to leverage our Partitioning System to its fullest potential.

Ready to Elevate Your Aerospace Development to New Boundaries?

Connect with us today and let the Partitioning System carry your projects into tomorrow with confidence. Our team of experts is ready to assist you every step of the way; from understanding your unique requirements to ensuring a seamless integration process.

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