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Components for Safety-Critical Software Development

Use pre-certified software components for your safety-critical projects. Improve the safety capability of your applications with proven and robust solutions.

The Foundation of Functional Safety

The ageing of hardware, radiation or wear and tear of components leads to random errors. There are only limited ways to avoid this type of error. Therefore, a safety-critical system must recognize and control random errors. The purpose of the safety concept is to describe the faults and measures to be considered.

  • Safety Concept Let us support and accompany you as a partner in analyzing your system and creating the safety concept documentation.
  • Gap Analysis Achieve a higher safety capability than was planned at the start of your project with a gap analysis by our safety experts.
  • Diagnostic Coverage Work with us to get the best selection of self-tests to achieve the desired diagnostic coverage in the most resource-efficient way.
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Select Software with Safety Capability

With selecting software components from Embedded Office, you will strengthen the safety profile of your projects. The pre-certified components take you closer to compliance with leading safety standards and speed up the path to market.

Pre-Certified Assurance

Relax your project schedule with pre-certified solutions that ensure regulatory compliance and accelerate your product's time to market. Eliminate approval risks and gain peace of mind.

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Mixed Criticality

Gain freedom during the software selection process by using the innovative space protection of the Flexible Safety RTOS for the separation of application parts on a single device.

Flexible Safety RTOS →

Aerospace Option

Opt for the Aerospace Partitioning System for rigorous application separation in time and space. Strengthen your projects with a specialized solution that guarantees precision and control.

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Consulting Services

Transform how you meet safety standards with our dedicated consulting services. From software integration, implementation, verification, to pre-certification, we support and guide you every step of the way.

  • Integration Service Use our integration service for your selected software components and get a ready-to-run system. Our streamlined and efficient process increases safety and reduces risk.
  • Certification Support Meet the deadlines by seeking advice from experts who will guide you through the certification process or carry out the entire pre-certification of your software component.
  • Open Source Reduce costs through the use and configuration of open source components by experienced developers. Be aware of the pitfalls when combining multiple open source licenses.
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Safety Standards

Safety standards are integral to developing safety-critical systems in various industries, ensuring that these systems are reliable and safe for their intended uses. It's important for software developers and engineers working in safety-critical industries to be familiar with the applicable standards and regulations in their field. Compliance with these standards not only ensures the safety and reliability of their products but also facilitates market access and acceptance. Here's a list of some of the most popular safety standards across different sectors we are familiar with:

  • DO-178C / EUROCAE ED-12C - Guides aeronautical software development for safety and reliability in commercial aircraft systems.
  • EN 50128 - Specifies software requirements for railway control and protection systems to ensure railway operation safety.
  • IEC 62304 - Defines life cycle requirements for medical device software with an emphasis on safety and risk management.
  • IEC 61508 - An umbrella functional safety standard for electrical, electronic, and programmable electronic systems across industries.
  • ISO 13849 - Pertains to safety-related parts of control systems in the machinery sector.
  • ISO 26262 - Provides an automotive safety lifecycle, offering a risk-based approach to safety critical components in automotive applications.

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Security Standards

When we work in the field of embedded systems, especially in safety-critical applications, compliance with security standards is non-negotiable. Below you will find a list of the most important standards that ensure embedded systems are protected against vulnerabilities and threats:

  • ISO/IEC 15408 (Common Criteria) - An international standard for the certification of computer security. It provides a clear and reliable assessment of the security capabilities of IT products, a criterion that modern systems should fulfill.
  • IEC 62443 - This series deals with network and system security in industrial automation and control systems. As our customers integrate their systems into networked environments, compliance with these standards is a must for system integrity and reliability.
  • ISO/SAE 21434 - TISAX takes existing information security standards and adapts them to the needs of the automotive industry. Our TISAX label underlines our commitment to state-of-the-art security practices and ensures that our offerings remain competitive and trustworthy in the dynamic automotive market.
  • TISAX Label - TISAX takes the existing information security standards and adapts them to the needs of the automotive industry. Our TISAX label underscores our commitment to state-of-the-art security practices and ensures that our offerings remain competitive and trustworthy in the dynamic automotive market.

Customer Voices

Working together on a safety-critical product is a long-term decision. We are proud to look back to great partnerships with over 300 customers all over the world. Some of them purchased a building block, while others worked with us on their safety platform for the whole product generation.

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As part of a concept study, the investigation of a technical risk was commissioned. The result of the study was fully in line with expectations. Thank you so much!

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Industrial Fire Solutionsat Honeywell (former Novar GmbH)
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We have chosen you because you are experts in the field of safety firmware and we work well with you.

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Software Engineerat Oculox

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