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Embedded Office is your expert with many years of experience in functional safety software development.

We offer different services with the core competence of functional safety. In doing so, we follow our guiding principle of cooperation: transparent communication, honest estimations, and engaging employees who support your ideas.

5 Steps to Your Safety Platform

Safety Concept

Safety Concept: Avoid and master possible faults

The risk of computer faults increases with each additional task. The Functional-Safety-Management ensures that we avoid or reduce random and systematic failures. Random errors are exclusively related to the hardware, so the software must handle all critical scenarios. With software components, called hardware self-tests, we check the ongoing operation to detect these random faults. If an error is detected, the application is informed and enters a previously defined safe state. A systematic error occurs during the development phase of software and hardware. We minimize possible systematic faults with adequate development strategies in a uniform and reproducible procedure.
Safety Concept
In case you start your product development with a functional specification and need to write a safety concept. We can consult, guide, and support you for all safety standards in the automotive, industrial, medical, railway, and aerospace market.
Best Practice
If you need to define safety measures for a particular situation, we can consult you with our background of many years of experience in safety development.
Gap Analysis
In case your development started without an existing safety concept, we can support your development team with a Gap Analysis. It describes the missing activities or changes to fulfill your wanted safety capability.
Specify Self-Tests
The diagnostic coverage of your system is essential if you want to know which self-test you need for your product. We can help you to define the right collection of required self-tests.

Select Software

Select Software: Use building blocks to reduce time-to-market

In the beginning, the catalog of building blocks for safety products is limited to software components with the right safety capability. Today, we mostly want to re-use one or more software parts from the non-safe area. We believe that the catalog of building blocks must contain all available software components (commercial and open-source). Therefore we need a strategy for separating safe vs. non-safe parts. We know multiple alternatives for this separation and can support you in the component selection phase.
Hardware Separation
A dedicated small microcontroller, running the small safety part of an application, is the old school of separation. This strategy is still useful today when no memory protection is available. We can consult and guide when choosing a matching microcontroller from the safety perspective.
Software Separation
Many small and medium microcontrollers and processors include a hardware memory protection unit. With this unit, it's possible to separate different safety capabilities on a single microcontroller. We provide a Flexible Safety RTOS, which includes this separation by default.
With high-end processors, virtualization is a path to separate different safety capabilities in time and space. We offer a hypervisor, which is suitable for usage in safety and security products.

Software Components for Safety Products

All pre-certified software components from Embedded Office have been assessed by independent authorities. This simplifies the usage in your safety product development because you receive a solid software component with a document, called Safety Manual. The Safety Manual contains guidance for your development team to achieve the documented safety capability. The safety assessment considers the applicable standards for:
Automotive - ISO 26262 up to ASIL D
Industrial - IEC 61508 up to SIL 3
Railway - EN 50128 up to SIL 4
Medical - IEC 62304 up to Class C
Realtime Operating System
With the Flexible Safety RTOS, we provide a pre-certified realtime operating system for safety and security products. Its deterministic behavior is guaranteed, and the memory protection hardware unit is handled by the kernel to get the same interface on all architectures.
Required Safety Measures
Safety standards force the application to check the program flow, the runtime consumption. We provide with the Safety Addons a hardware and RTOS independent component for exactly these requirements.
Time and Space Partitioning
For the aerospace market, the Partitioning System is a smart solution for separating multiple applications in time and space without virtualization. This allows the usage of medium processors and microcontrollers in these use cases.
Virtualization System
With the Lynx MOSA.ic, we provide a robust virtualization solution with a minimal footprint for high-end processors. This system is well prepared for the automotive and aerospace market.

Define Platform

Define Platform: Integrate chosen software components

Integration Service
Integrating multiple software components on new hardware platforms can result in a challenge. With our in-depth embedded knowledge, we can help you improve the speed and quality of the integrated platform.
Component Adjustments
If a component from Embedded Office didn't match the requirement exactly, we offer individual adjustments to avoid unnecessary trade-offs at the beginning of a project.
Bootloader Strategies
When you need to update software in the field, we can support you in the development of a bootloader that fulfills your specific needs. We master several communication lines and security mechanisms.
Open-Source Handling
In the case of selecting open-source components, we provide technical integration into your product. Regarding open-source licenses, we can help to avoid common mistakes.


Pre-Certification: Use a harmonized safety platform

Harmonizing Safety Manuals
When using multiple pre-certified components, you must consider all Safety Manuals. We can help you in harmonizing the Safety Manuals into a single source of guidance.
Documentation Service
You can use already existing inhouse software components in safety projects, too. We can provide an efficient path for the pre-certification of such elements out of context.
Software Verification
All used components of a safety platform must fulfill your specific safety capabilities. We provide services for the required verification activities and needed analysis documents.
Assessment Handling
If you intend to use the resulting safety platform multiple times, it may be useful to achieve a pre-certification for the whole safety platform. We can prepare and manage the assessment with your chosen authority.

Long-Term Maintenance

Long-Term Maintenance: Keep your product safe and secure

Team Workshops
To achieve the optimized usage of the safety platform in your project, we offer individual project workshops with your application development team. This kind of workshop treats to make the best fitting application architecture.
Safety Monitoring
All used components of a safety product are subject to functional safety management. We can consult and guide you through the safety monitoring, tracking, and regulatory needs.
Active Reporting
For all Embedded Office components, we perform obligatory functional safety management. We can provide a so-called Maintenance Report, which includes all detected problems, workarounds, and fixes.
Change Management
In case your safety platform should grow with new features or adjustments to new hardware platforms, you will get all source code files to perform these changes. We can consult and guide your team through the needed activities.

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