Embedded Office

About Us

A smart software company with focus on functional safety

Embedded Office is a reliable partner of many well-known companies and corporations. The focus of activities is software development for safety systems. Together with our customers, we develop and design exciting systems for:

  • Automotive  -  RTOS for driver assistance systems, camera platforms, power train systems, security for the autonomous vehicle of the future
  • Agricultural devices  -  Armrests for combine harvester, a platform for the navigation of self-driving tractors, or programmable mobile safety controls
  • Industrial  -  Security for connected Fieldbus systems, real-time Ethernet protocol for safety system
  • Aerospace  -  A platform for autopilots, RTOS for cabin control units of large-capacity aircraft or platform for engine control units
  • Medical  -  A platform for operating tables, RTOS for systems for the mobile treatment of blood sugar, Platform for connected pacemakers

Find the best solution for customers

Every project should be remembered as a success story by us and our customers. Of course, there are problematic times in every project. But with team spirit and solution-oriented action, these times will remain in good memory.

Our daily drive is:

  • the desire for innovation of our team
  • working in an environment of flexibility and trust
  • the passionate will to bring success again and again

Matching environment for every employee

At Embedded Office, we believe that every employee's person is the most important factor for the company's success. Therefore we listen to the employee and seek individual solutions that work for everyone:

  • select working time, adapted to the life situation
  • possible timeouts for personal development
  • flexible work environment, such as working from home
  • extensive occupational retirement provision
  • fair earnings depending on experience and responsibility

Do you prefer coffee or tea, or just mineral water? No matter, there is everything you want for free in the kitchen. By the way, many ideas for solving the daily project challenges are born on the way to the kitchen.

Positive feedback culture

In principle, errors are allowed. We are never on the lookout for guiltier, but always for solutions. We are convinced that only in this way, we take new paths successfully. Decisions are thus made by each employee responsibly and in a reasonable time.

  • open and honest feedback
  • appreciation and respect of the work done
  • development in personal and professional terms
  • exciting team-building measures