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Elevate your project with our unparalleled open-source support service, tailored for safety-critical excellence. Harness our expertise in selected open-source projects to deliver robust and reliable applications with confidence.

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Open-Source Excellence

Unlock unlimited potential with Embedded Office's expert Open-Source Support. Seamlessly integrate, innovate, and elevate your project today.

Tailored Configuration Solutions

At Embedded Office, we don't just offer support; we offer custom-tailored assistance in configuring your chosen open-source projects. This bespoke service ensures optimal functionality tailored specifically to your project needs.

Seamless Integration Expertise

Our dedicated team ensures the selected open-source components blend flawlessly into your existing systems. Benefit from a harmonious integration that maximizes the performance of your safety-critical applications.

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Unmatched Usage Support

Navigate the complexities of the listed open-source projects with confidence, thanks to the continuous guidance from our seasoned functional safety experts. Our support extends throughout your project lifecycle, guaranteeing reliable and efficient system operations.

Supported Open-Source Projects

  • CANopen Stack As we are the maintainer of this project, we can enhance and support this open-source project on the fly. Get the most out of this free industrial communication component.
  • Cesium RTOS With our close relation to the former Micrium Team at Weston Embedded Solutions and the deep knowledge of the uC-Middleware, we can support you in configuration and using this middleware.
  • wolfSSL The long-term partnership with wolfSSL, we support this security communication component in integration, configuration, and usage.
  • Other Projects You are faced in some troubles with another open-source project. If this project is related to safety or security - give us a note. There is a good chance, that we have a team mate who can help.

Comprehensive Open-Source Mastery

Dive into the full power of open-source with Embedded Office's unparalleled support for the supported open-source projects. Unleash functionality and reliability in your safety-critical systems with ease.

  • Expert Integration Our team meticulously incorporates open-source projects into your platform, ensuring a perfect fit with our RTOS. Experience a hassle-free merger that upholds the highest standards of functional safety.
  • Configuration Customization We provide personalized configuration services, tailoring the functionality to suit your specific project requirements. Maximize the efficiency and reliability of your system's components under our expert guidance.
  • Dedicated Support Our open-source support goes beyond simple troubleshooting; we offer ongoing assistance to keep your systems running smoothly. With fast and accurate resolution, you can count on us to maintain robust functional safety.
  • Performance Optimization Elevate your project's performance as we fine-tune your open-source components for optimal operation within safety-critical environments. Let us unlock the full potential of your software, delivering both speed and reliability.

Optimized Source Integration

Transform your embedded systems with the strategic implementation of our supported open-source components. Embedded Office ensures you not only meet but exceed the industry standards for safety and performance.

Security-reinforced Solutions

Benefit from our deep understanding of wolfSSL to implement robust security features, ensuring your application is protected against cyber threats. Our expertise translates into fortified confidence in your system's safety integrity.

Higher Development Speed

Streamline your project timeline with our proficient open-source integration, speeding up the delivery of your safety-critical applications. Trust in our efficient support to get your product to market faster.

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System Reliability Boost

With our focused configuration and optimization services, your embedded systems will achieve unparalleled reliability and performance. Experience fewer disruptions and more consistent operation, which is essential for safety-critical environments.

Empower Your Open-Source Project Integration Today

Connect with our team to elevate your project's safety quotient with world-class Open-Source Support.

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