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Whether you're new to the world of safety-critical projects or looking for interesting insights, our articles cover a wide range of topics, from explaining basic terms and concepts to exploring the benefits and features of our software components.

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In the dynamic world of software development, especially for safety-critical systems, the right choice of software components can be a fundamental factor in the success of a project. At Embedded Office, we understand the complexity and high demands associated with choosing the right software solutions.

Pre-Certified Software Components

Discover the power of component-based software development with Embedded Office's pre-certified components. Explore how safety capability ensures efficient usage in industries like automotive, medical, industrial, and railway sectors. Build safty critical software systems with confidence!

RTOS Availability Details

The RTOS products from Embedded Office have a shared software architecture with the common part, the hardware abstraction part, and the board support package part. Read more on the dependencies to the cross-development environment and the relation to delivery packages.

STM32 Safety Platform

Explore how easy you can setup a STM32 safety platform, which is ready for medium safety integrity levels (SIL2). With some further work the high safety integrity levels (SIL3+) are possible, too. We use the Flexible Safety RTOS, the Safety AddOns and the Self-Test Library (STL) from STMicroelectronics to build a solid platform.

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