Embedded Office Service

System Integration Service

When planning a new product and estimating the effort in software development, we most likely use software libraries, components, or complete systems to cover the business goals. The individual selected software components are representing the non-differentiating know-how of your new product.

Business Goals

  • Time to Market  -  We want to speed up the development process in all areas.
  • Don't re-invent the wheel  -  We want to use already existing software and expertise in certain areas.

Non-differentiating Know-How

  • Why doing yourself?  -  The integration work of multiple components does not add any value to your product.
  • Concentrate on Product  -  Using a trusted partner to get the integration work done while adding value to the new product.

Service Activities

In practice, there may rise one or more challenges during the integration of multiple software components.

How to start with a stable, already integrated environment?

The solution to this question is the Embedded Office service: Integration Service

Basic Services

  • Setup Environment  -  Select and set up a stable and efficient development environment
  • Module Configuration  -  Select and optimize the collection of existing modules to achieve the required functionality
  • System Parametrization  -  Adjust the configuration to match limited resource consumptions

Premium Services

  • Ensure Compatibility  -  Develop a compatibility layer when using multiple components with missing compatible library versions.
  • System Enhancements  -  Develop enhancements to close possible gaps in the required functionality
  • System Tests  -  Develop system tests to check the required features and system performance

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