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flexible-safety-rtosFlexible Safety RTOS
partitioning-systemPartitioning System

Architectural Overview

The RTOS products "Flexible Safety RTOS" and "Partitioning System" share the same layered software architecture. In the following figure, the module RTOS represents the hardware-independent part of both products:

Layered RTOS Software Architecture from Hardware to Application

The first hardware adaption layer module implements the hardware architecture support. This module is the deep integration of the RTOS to the microcontroller core (CPU) and its memory protection mechanism. Embedded Office calls this module RTOS Port. The functions of this module are for internal use by the RTOS.

The second module of the hardware abstraction layer is independent of the RTOS and is usable standalone, too. We call this module the Board Support Package (BSP). This module controls the start of the microcontroller and enables the desired settings of essential hardware modules such as clock, interrupt controller, or timer via a simple configuration.

Both modules require small pieces of assembly language and use a tight integration of linker symbols with the ANSI C compiler. Therefore, both modules are dependent on the selected Cross-Compiler environment.

  • 138+ Board Support Packages - Released for hardware devices and toolchains with a common API for true hardware independence

  • 51+ Prepared Starterkits - Prepared starterkit configurations and startup codess for public available evaluation boards

For an optimized project workflow, Embedded Office offers a starterkit package. This package contains the RTOS with BSP for a given cross-compiler environment. The package is configured for an official evaluation board of the chip vendor.

Pre-Certified Packages

While the Partitioning System is always certified as part of your aerospace project, the certification of the Flexible Safety RTOS can take place independently and in parallel to your project. Embedded Office freezes the common RTOS files and the RTOS Port for the used cross-compiler environment in the starterkit package.

The pre-certification of the Flexible Safety RTOS is performed according to IEC 61508 (industrial and automation), ISO 26262 (automotive), IEC 62304 (medical), and EN 50128 (railway).

  • 47+ Certified Packages Available - Delivered with the product "Safety AddOns", the mandatory "Safety Manual" and additional safety recommendations

All combinations of the listed hardware architectures and their supported toolchains are already pre-certified:

  • ARM ARM926ej-s  -  with IAR Embedded Workbench and ARM GNU Toolchain

  • ARM Cortex-A5, A7, A9  -  with IAR Embedded Workbench, ARM GNU Toolchain, ARM Compiler for Embedded, and TI Code Composer Studio

  • ARM Cortex-M0+  -  with IAR Embedded Workbench, ARM GNU Toolchain and ARM Compiler for Embedded

  • ARM Cortex-M3, M4, M7  -  with IAR Embedded Workbench, ARM GNU Toolchain, ARM Compiler for Embedded, Tasking Software Development Toolset

  • ARM Cortex-R4  -  with IAR Embedded Workbench and TI Code Composer Studio

  • ARM Cortex-R5  -  with IAR Embedded Workbench, TI Code Composer Studio, and ARM GNU Toolchain

  • Infineon TriCore  -  with HighTec GCC

  • Infineon Aurix  -  with HighTec GCC and Tasking Software Development Toolset

  • Infineon Aurix 2nd Gen.  -  with HighTec GCC and Tasking Software Development Toolset

  • Intel NIOS-II  -  with Altera GCC

  • NXP e200z4, e200z7  -  with HighTec GCC

  • NXP Kinetis (Cortex-M4)  -  with IAR Embedded Workbench, ARM GNU Toolchain, and ARM Compiler for Embedded

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