Safety Platform - The All-Inclusive Safety Service

Unlock the potential of uncompromising safety with our all-encompassing Safety Platform Service. From concept through pre-certification, witness the transformation of your project into a market-ready, safety-assured masterpiece.

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Embedded Safety Essentials

Elevate your project with uncompromised safety and efficiency. Trust our Safety Platform Service to streamline your path to pre-certification.

Seamless Integration

Simplifying the complex process of system integration, our service seamlessly combines software components into a cohesive, running system. Expect a harmonious union of parts working together to ensure your project’s success.

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Expert Safety Assurance

Our safety concepts are meticulously crafted, ensuring every aspect of your project aligns with stringent safety standards. Let our expertise lead your mission-critical software to certification with confidence.

Efficiency Optimized

Our Safety Platform Service accelerates your development timeline by providing ready-to-implement, pre-certified safety platforms. Reduce your time-to-market with our streamlined, safety-first approach.

Assured Safety Integration

Crafting your project's safety from the ground up, our Safety Platform Service integrates critical software components with a precision focus on reliability. Experience the synergy of a custom-developed RTOS, robust self-tests, and essential features all geared towards ensuring your project's compliance and functional safety.

  • Concept Development We start by drafting a thorough safety concept that stands as the foundation of your project’s security and reliability. This proactive approach sets the stage for a well-defined, safety-focused development lifecycle.
  • Component Selection Choosing the right software components is crucial; our experts handpick the most reliable and compatible elements for your RTOS. Optimize your application’s safety and performance with our curated selections.
  • Feature Integration Functional safety is enriched through the integration of specific features required for your project. Our meticulous process ensures every feature aligns with safety standards and enhances overall system robustness.
  • System Assembly We expertly combine selected components, creating a fully operational system that meets your unique project demands. This cohesive and integrated approach streamlines the path to a successful launch.
  • Self-Test Implementation Integral self-tests are embedded to monitor and verify system integrity in real-time. These tests provide continuous assurance of function and safety throughout the operation.
  • Pre-Certification Support Our service doesn’t just prepare your system for the field; we pave the way for its certification. With our safety pre-certification process, we ensure compliance is built-in from the start, easing the formal certification journey.

Safety Platform Excellence

Maximize project reliability and streamline your path to certification with our Safety Platform Service. Leverage our all-inclusive service for comprehensive safety concept development, strategic software component selection, and seamless system integration.

Accelerated Development Cycle

By streamlining the safety aspect of the development process, we remarkably reduce time-to-market for your product. Our expert integration of software components and pre-certification measures ensure swift progress without compromising safety.

Reliability Ensured

Each component and feature is meticulously vetted to maintain the highest standard of operational safety and reliability. This unwavering commitment to quality safeguards your product against unforeseen challenges, ensuring dependable performance.

Certification Readiness

Embark upon the certification journey with confidence, aided by a pre-certified platform tailored to meet rigorous safety standards. We provide the support and documentation necessary to navigate the complexities of certification with ease.

Ready to Elevate Your Project Safety Platform?

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