CANopen Stack - Harness the Potential of CANopen Technology for Free

Embedded Office CANopen Stack is a reliable and robust open-source solution that allows you to effortlessly implement the field bus CANopen protocol according to CiA DS301. This stack enables quick and efficient development of high-quality safety products, offering customers efficiency, reliability, and cost savings.

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Reliable CANopen Stack: Empower your Project!

Get ready for efficient project development with our ultimate CANopen solution. It's robust, open-source, and free, providing you with all the tools you need. Experience the power of a comprehensive platform that supports your projects from start to finish.

Seamless Integration Benefits

Effortlessly integrate our CANopen Stack into your projects, thanks to its compliance with CiA DS301. Enjoy streamlined development, reducing both time-to-market and costs.

Open-Source Flexibility Gains

Benefit from the freedom and adaptability of our open-source CANopen Stack. Customize and scale your projects without licensing constraints, capitalizing on a community-driven, evolving platform.

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Reliable Performance

This CANopen Stack ensures consistent and reliable performance in your real-time applications. Trust in a solution that delivers when uptime and precision are non-negotiable.

Empower Connectivity: Open-Source CANopen Stack

Integrate the industry-standard CiA DS301 protocol effortlessly with the open-source CANopen Stack. Optimize your embedded systems with a robust and flexible communication solution that streamlines your product development.

  • Robust Messaging The CANopen Stack facilitates dependable communication through process data objects (PDOs) and service data objects (SDOs). Enjoy high-speed data transfers and efficient configuration with prioritized messaging control.
  • Network Management Enhance your system's reliability with the standardized network management capabilities. Monitor and control the state of each device with ease, ensuring optimal operation of your CAN network.
  • Scalable Architecture The stack is designed for scalability, catering to small, medium, and large-scale systems. Seamlessly adapt the stack to fit the needs of your project, no matter its complexity.
  • Emergency Handling Quickly identify and react to network errors with the stack's comprehensive emergency message support. Reduce system downtime and enhance product reliability with immediate fault feedback.
  • Configurable Parameters Customize your device communication with a wide array of configurable parameters for tailored functionality. The stack adapts to your specific requirements, promoting a fine-tuned control over your system behavior.
  • Interoperability Assurance Leverage the power of interoperability in multi-vendor environments, thanks to our adherence to the CiA DS301 standard. Ensure seamless integration and compatibility across all your CANopen devices.

Seamless Integration Excellence

Elevate your project with Embedded Office's top-tier integration service, designed to ensure success in even the most demanding safety-critical environments. Tap into our expert assistance to streamline your development process and bring reliable products to market faster.

Expertise-Driven Development

Gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience from our specialized team, dedicated to guiding your embedded software strategy. With Embedded Office, you'll have the expertise needed to overcome challenges swiftly and confidently.

Customized Solution Crafting

Our integration service is tailored to meet the unique needs of your project. Leverage our deep understanding of functional safety to create a solution that's both effective and compliant with industry standards like CiA DS304.

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Accelerated Market Entry

Reduce development time with our efficient integration strategies, honed to promote speed without compromising on quality. Benefit from our innovative approach to accelerate your path from concept to market, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.

Ready to Enhance Your Development Journey?

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