Hitex SafeTpack - Take Control of Your Safety

Simplify and optimize your safety-critical projects with our Hitex SafeTpack Integration Service. Our expertise ensures seamless integration, enabling effortless implementation and enhanced reliability, while saving you time and effort.

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Diagnostic Coverage with Hitex SafeTpack

Unleash the power of Hitex SafeTpack - your ultimate embedded self-test solution for second generation AURIX™ devices

Enhanced Safety

Hitex SafeTpack for AURIX™ ensures the highest level of safety in your projects, reducing the risk of failures and errors, consequently enhancing system dependability

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Seamless Integration

Experts from Embedded Office can integrate and configure the Hitex SafeTpack into your safety-critical projects, saving time and effort in implementation and testing.

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Exceptional Support

Our team is dedicated to providing outstanding support throughout the integration process, offering expertise, guidance, and industry-leading customer service.

Boost Safety, Optimize Performance with Hitex SafeTpack

Take your safety-critical projects to new heights with Hitex SafeTpack. This advanced embedded self-test library coordinates startup tests, supports essential ESMs, performs cyclic tests for CPU and internal bus operation, manages the watchdog system, and offers optional combined watchdog and power controller capabilities.

  • Test Coordination SafeTpack efficiently coordinates the execution and evaluation of startup tests, ensuring that each test is carried out accurately.
  • ESM Support SafeTpack provides the necessary support for ESMs (Error Signaling Modules), enabling seamless integration of safety features into your projects.
  • Cyclic Testing Through a combination of hardware and software modules, SafeTpack conducts cyclic tests to guarantee the correct operation of the AURIX™ CPU and internal buses.
  • Watchdog System Management SafeTpack manages the watchdog system, ensuring that your safety-critical projects are protected against system failures and potential risks.
  • Optional Watchdog and Power Controller SafeTpack offers the flexibility of incorporating an optional combined watchdog and power controller, such as TLF35584/5, for enhanced system control and monitoring.
  • Performance Optimization By utilizing SafeTpack, you can optimize the performance of your safety-critical projects, ensuring efficient and reliable operation for maximum success.

Seamless SafeTpack Integration

Unlock Performance and Reliability with Embedded Office SafeTpack Integration Service

Efficient Test Coordination

Our integration service ensures effective execution and evaluation of startup tests, supporting the necessary ESMs and providing cyclic tests to ensure the correct operation of the AURIX™ CPU and internal buses.

Enhanced Safety and Dependability

With our integration service, you can seamlessly integrate SafeTpack into your safety-critical projects, ensuring enhanced safety features and improving system dependability.

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Streamlined System Management

By integrating SafeTpack, you can efficiently manage the watchdog system and potentially incorporate a combined watchdog and power controller, optimizing system monitoring and control for maximum performance and reliability.

Take Control, Ensure Safety!

Experience the power of SafeTpack integration service. Contact us today to seamlessly integrate SafeTpack into your safety-critical projects and take control of performance and reliability!

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