Boost Your Diagnostic Coverage with the STM32 Self-Test Library

Use the power of the STMicroelectronics Self-Test Library with our Flexible Safety RTOS and Safety AddOns to create robust and safe software for your safety-critical applications.

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Flexible Safety RTOS with integrated Self-Test Library

Boost reliability, efficiency, and compliance with our Flexible Safety RTOS by integrating the comprehensive self-test library from STMicroelectronics, ensuring diagnostic coverage and streamlined development.

Enhanced Reliability

With the STM32 self-test library, you can significantly improve the diagnostic coverage of your safety-critical projects, minimizing the risk of system failures and ensuring seamless operation.

Improved Efficiency

By integrating the self-test library into our Flexible Safety RTOS, you can streamline the development process, saving valuable time and resources while maintaining the highest standards of code quality and functional safety.

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Safety Compliance

The STMicroelectronics self-test library, coupled with our Flexible Safety RTOS, ensures compliance with industry regulations and standards, giving you the confidence that your software components meet the most stringent safety requirements.

Unleash Safety Potential with STM32 Self-Test Library

Seamlessly integrate the STM32 self-test library with our Flexible Safety RTOS and Safety AddOns to establish a robust and reliable foundation for your next safety platform, paving the way for exceptional functional safety and streamlined development.

  • Comprehensive Safety Checks Use the STM32 Self Test Library to carry out comprehensive safety tests and thus ensure maximum availability and error detection in your safety-critical applications.
  • Integration Ease The seamless integration of the STM32 Self Test Library with our Flexible Safety RTOS and Safety AddOns simplifies the development process and accelerates the time-to-market of your safety products.
  • Real-Time Fault Detection Benefit from the real-time fault detection capabilities of the STM32 Self Test Library, which enables immediate identification and prevention of dangerous conditions in your safety-critical systems.
  • Compliance Assurance With the STM32 self-test library, ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, providing a strong foundation for safety-critical projects and peace of mind for developers.
  • Flexible Configuration Customize and configure the STM32 self-test library based on the specific requirements of your safety-critical applications, ensuring optimal performance and adherence to functional safety standards.
  • Reduced Development Costs By utilizing the STM32 Self-Test Library in conjunction with our Flexible Safety RTOS and Safety AddOns, reduce development costs associated with independent safety validation and testing.

Streamlined Integration Service for STM32 Self-Test Library

Optimize the performance of the STM32 Self Test Library with our expert integration service in the Flexible Safety RTOS and the Safety AddOns and ensure perfectly harmonized software components in your safety-critical projects.

Seamless Compatibility

Our integration service ensures seamless compatibility between the STM32 Self Test Library, the Flexible Safety RTOS and the Safety AddOns. This avoids potential complications and guarantees a uniform and efficient safety solution for your projects.

Time and Cost Efficiency

By taking advantage of our integration service, you can save valuable development time and the costs associated with the integration process. Our team of experts will handle the integration seamlessly and ensure fast and trouble-free operation.

Expert Support

With our integration service, you gain access to our team of skilled professionals who have extensive experience in integrating safety-critical software components. They provide support and guidance throughout the integration process, ensuring optimal results and peace of mind for your projects.

Enhance Your Diagnostic Coverage Today!

Ready to boost the diagnostic coverage of your projects with the STM32 self-test library and use our Flexible Safety RTOS with included Safety AddOns platform?

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