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Flexible Safety RTOS

A real-time operating system (RTOS) provides services, which help manage the continuously rising complexity of software development in embedded systems. In comparison to an operating system (OS) like Linux or Windows, the RTOS provides:

  • Deterministic and highspeed event handling
  • A scheduler that can meet timing deadlines
  • Usable from tiny microcontrollers to big processors
  • Note: When discussing a real-time operating system's fundamental properties, it is not about super fast timings (of course, they are super fast) - more important is the guarantee and determinism of achieving the timing deadlines.

    The following video gives an overview of the Flexible Safety RTOS:

    Introduction to Flexible Safety RTOS

    Pre-certified real-time OS

    Reduce Efforts

    The most effective way to use a software component is by using a pre-certified component. The heavy-lifting work is already done, and no deep internal knowledge is required. The development team can focus on feature development.

    Safety Capability

    The Flexible Safety RTOS is pre-certified for all standards, which allows component assessment. We provide the highest safety capability a pre-certified software can achieve:

  • Automotive ISO 26262 - ASIL D
  • Industrial IEC 61508 - SIL 3
  • Medical IEC 62304 - Class C
  • Railway EN 50128 - SIL 4
  • Compiler Independence

    The certification is performed in a way that no certified compiler is required. We can deliver the pre-certification matching to any ANSI-C compiler. Popular and widely used compilers are:

  • IAR Embedded Workbench
  • Tasking Compiler
  • ARM/Keil Development Kits
  • HighTec Development Platform
  • Safety Certificate

    Independent assessors have been checked the development multiple times and confirm the Flexible Safety RTOS's safety capability with a certificate.

  • Component Safety Certificate
  • Safety Manual
  • User and Integration Manuals
  • Flexible Certification

    The development and certification process is designed to achieve the highest possible flexibility for all customers of the Flexible Safety RTOS:

  • Free device selection with a given core
  • Change compiler settings and versions
  • RTOS is independent of any chip vendor
  • Full featured RTOS

    Clean Design

    The Flexible Safety RTOS supports your system design team with all services a modern real-time kernel must offer. You will appreciate the simple and straightforward naming conventions of the API functions.

    Multi-Tasking Scheduler Timing
    Software Timer Timing
    Space Protection Safety
    Hardware Monitoring Safety
    Event Flags Synchronization
    Semaphores Synchronization
    Memory Management Ressource
    Mutex Ressource
    Queue Communication
    Mailbox Communication
    Shared Memory Communication
    Hook Functions Extension

    Supported Hardware

    Broad Support

    The Flexible Safety RTOS is already ported to more than 30 architectures. The pre-certification depends on the CPU core of the microcontroller and the cross-compiler environment. For the most common CPU core & compiler combinations, pre-certified delivery is available. In addition to the listed chip vendor device families, all devices with the following ARM Cores are supported:

  • ARM Cortex-A5, A9 Microcontroller
  • ARM Cortex-M3, M4F, M7F Microcontroller
  • ARM Cortex-R4F, R5F Microcontroller
  • We work continuously on new combinations. When looking for a brand new CPU, we offer a Quickstart implementation within weeks and finalize the pre-certified delivery in parallel to your development.

    Infineon Prefered Design House (PDH)
    NXP Partner
    ST Microelectronics Safety Partner
    Texas Instruments

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