Flexible Safety RTOS - Elevate the Performance and Safety of Your Systems

Step into the realm of safety-critical execution where reliability is non-negotiable, and precision is paramount. Flexible Safety RTOS stands as your steadfast ally, engineered to catapult your applications in the industrial, medical, railway, and automotive sectors to new heights with its pre-certified compliance to essential safety regulations.

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Empower Projects with Pre-Certified Excellence

The Flexible Safety RTOS is not just a product; it's a promise – a commitment to the functional safety and reliability of your safety-critical software. With its hard real-time capabilities, the Flexible Safety RTOS ensures that your systems run with the precision and stability they demand.

Deterministic Task Management

Use the power of our predictable multi-tasking scheduler with constant context switch times, regardless of the number of used tasks. Define the memory permission for one or more tasks with a process.

Pre-Certified Component

Use a pre-certified RTOS with assessment according to the highest safety capability for your applicable safety standard. Get advantage out of the detailed safety manual and related documents for your project risk management.

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Gain Diagnostic Coverage

Elevate your system's diagnostic coverage with built-in stack monitoring, MPU setup checking, and the included "Safety AddOns" package with time budget monitoring, program flow monitoring, and end-to-end protected communication.

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

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Complete Set of RTOS Services

The Flexible Safety RTOS supports your system design team with all services a modern real-time kernel must offer. You will appreciate the simple and straightforward naming conventions of the API functions.

  • Multi-Tasking Scheduler The core service, called scheduler, is selecting and changing the currently running task. We support priority-based preemptive multi-tasking policy and cooperative multi-tasking policy. Always with constant runtime on any number of tasks.
  • Software Timer The software timer service provides the ability to execute callback functions at a specific time. Choose from cyclic callback function execution or a one-shot timer callback function. Select the system tick or hardware timer as the timebase.
  • Space Protection The space protection module is managing the MPU or MMU hardware unit. Group one or more tasks with the same permissions. Separate the RTOS memory from application space and optionally activate tasks executing in privileged mode.
  • Hardware Monitoring This module provides safety measures for some common hardware components. This includes task- and interrupt-stack monitoring, memory protection register setup monitoring, and space protection configuration monitoring.
  • Task Synchronization With Semaphores and Event Flags you can synchronize multiple tasks in various ways. Semaphores can work in counting and signaling mode, and Events can combine multiple events with a ALL or ANY masking.
  • Resource Management For your management of used ressources the Mutex and integrated Memory Management is included. Define any number of memory partitions and take advantage of constant runtime for fetching and releasing memory blocks.
  • Internal Communication For communication between tasks and interrupts, the RTOS provides the services Mailbox and Queue. The communication takes places with a zero-copy-technology and supports queueing mode (first-in-first-out) and stacking mode (last-in-first-out).
  • System Extension The RTOS provides several hook function interfaces to adjust or extend the system. This interfaces include task lifecycle hooks (create & delete), timing hooks (system tick & idle time), and system hooks (context switch & task return).

The Critical Choice of Industry Visionaries

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Extensive Hardware Support

The RTOS product includes two selectable components: The hardware abstraction layer, mainly depending on the evaluation board, and the cross-development environment.

Brand New Microcontrollers

We work continuously on new combinations. When looking for a brand new CPU, we offer a Starterkit Package implementation within weeks and finalize the pre-certified delivery in parallel to your development.

Pre-Certified Packages

Receive a pre-certified RTOS package for your selected combination of public available evaluation board and cross-development environment. The included documents guides you through your first launch of the RTOS.

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Legacy Devices

When facing the challenge to use a legacy device and require an RTOS for your safety critical product. Look no further than the affordable and extremely flexible RTOS tailoring for your specific needs.

Ready to Try the Flexible Safety RTOS?

Experience the Flexible Safety RTOS difference today and request your free evaluation copy for any available Starterkit Package!

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