netX90 Integration Partner - Seamless Integration for Your Business

Harness the Power of Hilscher netX90 SoC device for any Industrial Communication and enrich your innovation with our netX Integration Service. Experience the power of reliability paired with top-tier functional safety.

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Integrated Performance Boost

Unlock the full potential of netX90 Soc device with Embedded Office. Our integration service is the key to safe, efficient, and high-performing applications with any industrial communication.

Optimized Efficiency

Gain incredible time-to-market speed with our customized integration, simplifying your development and testing phases for an unbeatable competitive edge.

Safety-Critical Assurance

Rest easy knowing your application on netX90 SoC rests on a safety-certified RTOS, ensuring the highest standard of functional safety and reliability.

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Tailored Expert Support

Leverage our deep-rooted Hilscher partnership as your direct line to specialized netX90 knowledge, guaranteeing a smooth, guided integration experience from start to finish.

netX90 Dual-Core Mastery

Harness the power of the netX90 SoC's dual-core capabilities with our netX90 Integration Service. Expertly coordinating field bus communication and application processing, we ensure a streamlined development process and reinforced reliability with our Flexible Safety RTOS.

  • RTOS Integration We skillfully incorporate our Flexible Safety RTOS into your application core, ensuring both your safety-critical tasks and communication processes are impeccably managed and executed.
  • Field Bus Expertise Leverage our comprehensive understanding of various industrial field buses as we fuse them onto the second core, providing you with a robust, communicative system architecture.
  • Safety Assurance Our service includes a rigorous safety validation process, giving your product the seal of approval necessary for demanding safety-critical environments.
  • Custom Configuration Tailoring the system to meet your unique requirements, our service provides bespoke configuration of netX90 SoC for precise and effective application performance.
  • Development Support Our experts are available to support your development team, providing hands-on assistance throughout your project to ensure smooth and successful integration.
  • System Optimization Optimize your safety-critical systems with our assistance — from the smallest footprint to the highest efficiency, Embedded Office fine-tunes your product for peak performance.

Integration Support Excellence

Elevate your product's performance and safety with our netX Integration Support Service. Our expertise in the netX90 SoC ensures your systems are efficient, reliable, and ready for the most demanding safety-critical applications.

Advanced Safety Compliance

Mitigate risk with our safety-first methodology. Our expertise in integrating Flexible Safety RTOS guarantees compliance with the most stringent industry safety standards, securing your project's success and integrity.

Enhanced System Reliability

Bank on bulletproof stability. Our integration support extends beyond just implementation -- we optimize your system's reliability, ensuring it remains operational and resilient under all conditions.

Streamlined Development Process

Accelerate your time-to-market with our streamlined integration process. Embedded Office simplifies the intricate task of embedding field bus communication firmware alongside your application core, allowing for rapid development without compromising on quality or safety.

Boost your productivity. Start using our netX90 Integration service today.

Get effortless field bus communication with the Hilscher netX90 SoC for your next product.

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