STM32 Safety Platform

Example for a STM32 safety platform.

The solution shall meet the following safety related goals:
Program Flow Monitor
We want to monitor the program flow of our safety related subset of tasks, functions or interrupts.
Runtime Monitoring
We want to check the runtime behavior and consumption of our safety related subset of tasks and functions.
Microcontroller Self-Tests
We want to check the CPU opcodes, RAM cells, and FLASH content during runtime.
Furthermore, the solution shall meet some high-level system and business-related goals:
Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)
We want to use a RTOS with deterministic hard real-time behavior for the safety related functionality.
Space Protection Mechanism
We want to use a space protection which separates safe and unsafe code within the system.

Building Blocks

Flexible Safety RTOS
The Flexible Safety RTOS provides a deterministic hard real-time scheduling and is responsible for:
Scheduling application tasks
Managing task separation
Task synchronization services
Task communication services
Safety AddOns
The Safety AddOns provides services to get the needed safety measures by configuration of expected behavior:
Monitoring the task runtime
Program flow monitoring
Safe end-to-end communication
ST Self-Test Library
The ST Self-Test Library provides services for checking the hardware during application execution:
RAM and FLASH Checks
Core Register Checks

Architectural Overview

Architectural Overview of STM32 Safety Platform
Architectural Overview of STM32 Safety Platform
This usage scenario provides a safety RTOS with managed memory protection for using middleware components, a great selection of services to achieve the required hardware and software diagnostic coverage rates. All software components are pre- certified by TÜV Rheinland.

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Application Note: STM32 Safety Platform
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