Secure Data Storage

Example for Secure Data Storage

This solution shall meet the following main goals:
Usable in Safety Product
We want to get a solution, which is usable in safety products
Secure Data Storage
We want to encapsulate the data storage access driver and control the accessing modules.
Identity Management
We want to get a tiny identity management for all components of the product, which needs access to the data storage.
Furthermore, the solution shall meet some high-level business goals:
Space Protection Mechanism
We want to use mixed safety capabilities on a single microcontroller.
LTS for complete Platform
We want to have a long-term supported (LTS) safety platform.

Building Blocks

Flexible Safety RTOS
The Flexible Safety RTOS provides a deterministic hard real-time scheduling and is responsible for:
Scheduling application tasks
Managing task separation
Task synchronization services
Task communication services
Component Tailoring
With the component tailoring service, the system is enhanced with the features:
Access Permission: No-Access
Tiny Identity Management
Long-Term Maintenance
Micrium Filesystem
The Micrium filesystem is build with all special embedded system requirements in mind:
Power-Failsafe by Journaling
Wide Range of Storage Media
Small Footprint in RAM and ROM

Architectural Overview

Architectural Overview of Secure Data Storage
Architectural Overview of Secure Data Storage
This usage scenario provides a safety RTOS with managed memory protection for separating the filesystem. With a small tailoring to achieve the memory permission “no-access”, this system allows secure data storage in files. Note: The managed memory protection allows the usage of this system design in safety systems.

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Application Note: Secure Data Storage
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