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Secure Data Storage

Example for Secure Data Storage

This solution shall meet the following main goals:

  • Usable in Safety Product  -  We want to get a solution, which is usable in safety products
  • Secure Data Storage  -  We want to encapsulate the data storage access driver and control the accessing modules.
  • Identity Management  -  We want to get tiny identity management for all components of the product, which needs access to the data storage.

Furthermore, the solution shall meet some high-level business goals:

  • Space Protection Mechanism  -  We want to use mixed safety capabilities on a single microcontroller.
  • LTS for complete Platform  -  We want to have a long-term supported (LTS) safety platform.

Building Blocks

Flexible Safety RTOS

The Flexible Safety RTOS provides a deterministic hard real-time scheduling and is responsible for:

  • Scheduling application tasks
  • Managing task separation
  • Task synchronization services
  • Task communication services

Component Tailoring

With the service Component Tailoring, the system is enhanced with the features:

  • Access Permission: No-Access
  • Tiny Identity Management
  • Long-Term Maintenance

uC/OS - Filesystem

The uC/OS family filesystem component is build with all special embedded system requirements in mind:

  • Power-Failsafe by Journaling
  • Wide Range of Storage Media
  • Small Footprint in RAM and ROM

Architectural Overview


This usage scenario provides a safe RTOS with managed memory protection for separating the filesystem. With small tailoring to achieve the memory permission “no-access”, this system allows secure data storage in files. Note: The managed memory protection allows the usage of this system design in safety systems.

Secure Data Storage
Architectural Overview of Secure Data Storage