Secure Communication

Example for a Secure Communication

This solution shall meet the following main goals:
Usable in Safety Product
We want to get a solution, which is usable in safety products.
Secure Communication
We want to communication via TCP/IP with encrypted packages using the SSL protocol.
Certificate Storage
We want to get a secure certificate storage with application regulated access control.
Furthermore, the solution shall meet some high-level business goals:
Space Protection Mechanism
We want to use mixed safety capabilities on a single microcontroller.
LTS for complete Platform
We want to have a long-term supported (LTS) system.

Building Blocks

Flexible Safety RTOS
The Flexible Safety RTOS provides a deterministic hard real-time scheduling and is responsible for:
Scheduling application tasks
Managing task separation
Task synchronization services
Task communication services
Micrium TCP/IP Stack
The Micrium TCP/IP stack is build especially for embedded systems and features:
Small Footprint in RAM and ROM
Wide Microcontroller Support
High Performance with Zero-Copy Technology
Wolf SSL
The Wolf SSL library is Open Source and available with commercial licenses. The library considers the special requirements of embedded systems:
Wide Hardware Accelerator Support
Compact Footprint in RAM and ROM
Selection of Encryption Algorithms

Architectural Overview

Architectural Overview of Secure Communication
Architectural Overview of Secure Communication
This usage scenario provides a safety RTOS with managed memory protection for using middleware components. The TCP/IP communication stack from Micrium is integrated with the wolfSSL Embedded SSL/TLS Library to achieve highly secure communications in safety system designs.

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Application Note: Secure Communication
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