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Safety Platform

What is a safety platform?

Hardware components introduce random faults into the system due to age or random physical effects. The probability of such a random fault and the severity of the system's malfunction leads us to categorization with accepted residual risks. According to IEC 61508, the categorization scheme is called Safety Integrity Level (SIL). Note: In other standards, similar terms are used, but they share the same principal intention.

The main characteristic of a safety platform is the ability to detect and handle random faults.

Safety Capability

The complete safety system is analyzed, and a resulting SIL is specified. The SIL is the target for the whole hardware and software development. The hardware and software development coupled because:

  • Hardware  -  is not able to eliminate random faults. Therefore, lowering the probability of a spontaneous defect and providing diagnostic signals is essential when designing the hardware.
  • Software  -  is responsible for detecting random faults by monitoring the system behavior and checking the plausibility with the diagnostic hardware signals.

The intensity of diagnostic and possible detectable faults defines the Safety Capability (SC). The SC limits the highest possible SIL of the system for the resulting hardware and software.

Safety System Components

Selecting Components

According to IEC 61508, when composing a safety system with components multiple components, the lowest SC of a component defines the SIL of the complete system. Therefore, Embedded Office specializes in pre-certified components in the highest possible SC.

STM32 Safety Platform

Specific example component selection for a safety system with SIL3 using an STM32 microcontroller.

Explore the details of the STM32 safety platform

TI Hercules Safety Platform

Another example component selection for a safety system with SIL3 using a Texas Instruments Hercules microcontroller.

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