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Component Tailoring Service

In any software component, which is pre-certified to achieve a specific safety capability, we must define the scope of certification. This certification scope leads us to 3 different parts of a pre-certified component:

  • Pre-Certified Component - This component is the central part and is the target of the pre-certification, which proves a specific safety capability of this component.

  • Safety Manual - This vital part explains how the certified component must be integrated and used to keep the safety capability valid.

  • Environmental Component Parts - There most likely exist supporting parts around the certified component, which are not within the certification scope, but necessary to get a running system.

There is one common rule in all Safety Manuals for pre-certified components: "Do not change the pre-certified component to keep the safety capability valid."

Service Activities

In most projects, the pre-certified component is used unchanged to keep the pre-certified component valid and participate entirely in the cost reduction effects.

What can we do, if we need a change within the pre-certified component?

The solution for this situation is the unique Embedded Office service: Component Tailoring:

Basic Services

Adjust or extend the pre-certified component to your exact project requirements:

  • Extension Development

  • Change Algorithms

Premium Services

To ensure the safety capability of the tailored component:

  • Re-certify Tailored Component

  • Long-Term Support

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