Component Tailoring Service

Scope of Certification

In any software component, which is pre-certified to achieve a specific safety capability, we must define the scope of certification. This certification scope leads us to 3 different parts of a pre-certified component:
Pre-Certified Component
This component is the central part and is the target of the pre-certification, which proves a specific safety capability of this component.
Safety Manual
This vital part explains how the certified component must be integrated and used to keep the safety capability valid.
Environmental Component Parts
There most likely exist supporting parts around the certified component, which are not within the certification scope, but necessary to get a running system.
There is one common rule in all Safety Manuals for pre-certified components: "Do not change the pre-certified component to keep the safety capability valid."

Service Activities

In most projects, the pre-certified component is used unchanged to keep the pre-certified component valid and participate entirely on the cost reduction effects.
What can we do, if we need a change within the pre-certified component?
The solution for this situation is the unique Embedded Office service: Component Tailoring
Basic Services
Adjust or extend the pre-certified component to your exact project requirements:
Extension Development
Change Algorithms
Premium Services
To ensure the safety capability of the tailored component:
Re-certify Tailored Component
Long-Term Support

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