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Tasking Toolset

Tasking Software Development Toolset

The TASKING TriCore Software Development Toolset was designed with the experts at Infineon and is regarded as the industry-standard for TriCore architecture software.

This toolset contains dedicated C/C++ compilers and assemblers for the complete TriCore family, and a multi-core linker/locator and debugger all within a unified Eclipse™ Integrated Development Environment (IDE).


  • Generate the cleanest and efficient code with industry-leading code optimizations for both speed and size.
  • Save time compiling your completed code with the industry’s shortest compile-link build times.
  • Easily optimize your code for maximum performance with the versatile Linker Script Language.


  • Generate reliable and stable code with a trusted toolset backed by more than 10 years of development experience.
  • Support your customers for the lifetime of your product with long-term support from the experts at TASKING.
  • Guaranteed compatibility with leading third-party solutions including debuggers, AUTOSAR operating systems, and MCAL drivers.


  • Stay in complete compliance with industry-standard safety regulations including ISO 26262 for the life of your project.
  • Easily meet and exceed industry-standard tests for compiler qualifications including powertrain ECU codes.
  • Ensure that your code remains up to date and in compliance with industry standards with full support for MISRA C:2012 and CERT C guidelines.


  • Standard Edition  -  suitable for AURIX™ development of single- and multi-core applications
  • Professional Edition  -  additional support for HW Security Module (HSM). Hardware OCDS Debugger for TriCore cores and FLASH programming.
  • Premium Edition  -  additional support for Standby Controller (SCR) and Peripheral Control Processor (PCP). Integrated CERT C Secure Coding analyzer.
  • Enterprise Bundle  -  additional support for MCS/GTM v3.x, Safety Checker to prove freedom from interference

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