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The real-time operating system µC/OS is a full-featured embedded operating system. Features support for TCP/IP, USB, CAN bus, and Modbus. Includes a robust file system, and graphical user interface. The major capabilities are:
Micrium software includes comprehensive documentation, full source code, powerful debugging features, and support for a huge range of CPU architectures.
Micrium software offers unprecedented ease-of-use, a small memory footprint, remarkable energy efficiency, and all with a full suite of protocol stacks.
Engineers across the world building industrial controls, medical devices, and aerospace systems know they can rely on Micrium software for the foundation of exceptional products.
Full-featured RTOS featuring TCP/IP networking, file system,  USB, graphical UI, and more.
Full-featured RTOS featuring TCP/IP networking, file system, USB, graphical UI, and more.

Distribution and Support

Embedded Office has been a distributor for Micrium Software for over 13 years. During this time, Micrium and Embedded Office have achieved an extraordinary relationship of trust with openness and honesty. Over this time, Embedded Office not only sold the software from Micrium, but also use and appreciate it actively in various customer projects in real use.
As the majority of our Embedded Office operations in the security-critical environment, we have processed the collected requirements from this market segment into two extensions to the modular RTOS Kernel μC/OS-II. These extensions are known as μC/OS-MPU and μC/TimeSpaceOS. Since we have used both extensions frequently in safety-critical projects, the desire for a pre-certification has arisen. We have been able to provide a flexible solution to this wish for more than 5 years now.
From many customer reviews we got the feedback, that our advice is already in the sales phase very competent and helpful. Further training and workshops on the efficient use of Micrium software in a specific project are also very popular.
For advices and support in using the software in your safety project, you can use the deep know-how and experience of Embedded Office.

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About Micrium
Micrium, which became part of Silicon Labs in 2016, has consistently held the leadership position in embedded software components. The Micrium µC/OS family is recognized for its unparalleled reliability, performance, dependability, impeccable source code, and extensive documentation. In addition, some Micrium components contain certifications that meet the rigorous safety-critical standards demanded by industries that include medical electronics, avionics, and industrial products. Micrium software was created for engineers by engineers.
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