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Lynx MOSA.ic™

The Lynx MOSA.ic™ delivers on the vision of the modular open system approach. It is a Modular Open Systems Architecture Integration Center and allows developers to integrate independent software components within its development framework. This includes previously compiled legacy components and components authored by competing vendors. Lynx MOSA.ic™ delivers the highest number of options at the lowest possible lifetime cost for rapidly building robust, resilient, reusable software systems.

Modular Open Systems Approach - The objective of the Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) is to design systems with highly cohesive, loosely coupled, and severable modules that can be competitively sourced from independent suppliers.

The foundation of Lynx MOSA.ic™ is a programmable processor partitioning system based on the proven LynxSecure separation kernel hypervisor. LynxSecure isolates computing resources into independently distributed environments that are uniquely capable of managing themselves while providing software development tools for building guests at just the right complexity levels demanded by specific target environments.

As a software development framework for rapidly building comprehensible software systems out of independent application modules, Lynx MOSA.ic™ is designed specifically to deliver on the open architecture vision of MOSA.

Security Guidance

Security Framework

The framework is built with deep knowledge of security constraints. The second important goal besides the MOSA principles is the automatic implementation of best practices out of the cybersecurity domain. This qualifies this system to achieve the title: Security System Builder.

Static Architecture

The architecture is defined during the system building phase.

  • Deterministic runtime behavior
  • Secure boot mechanism included
  • Tiny cyber-attack surface

Modular System

The isolated system modules are open for any system.

  • Fully virtualized environment
  • General-purpose OS possible
  • Strict controlled communication

Distribution and Support

Key Technology

Embedded Office has been a distributor for Lynx Software Technologies since 2015. During this time, Lynx Software Technologies and Embedded Office have carried security into the embedded market with a lot of dedication and insider knowledge. We are convinced that this topic will be the key to success for entire product families. Lynx MOSA.ic provides an incredibly effective system for increasing security in embedded systems.


We got the feedback that our advice is already in the sales phase, very competent and helpful from many customer reviews. Further training and workshops on the efficient use of MOSA.ic in a specific project are also top-rated. For advice and support in using the software in your project, you can rely on the broad know-how and experience of Embedded Office.

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