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Functional Safety Management

With an "Embedded System" we at Embedded Office mean a programmable electronic device having a specific function. The specific function is known at development time. If such a device must provide a safety-related function, we speak of a device with "Functional Safety". In this context we mean by a safety-related function:
the protection of people from potential damage
protecting the environment from potential damage
By managing functional safety, we mean avoiding and controlling possible faults. We can classify the possible faults in "random faults" and "systematic faults". The "random faults" occur exclusively in the area of hardware components. This is about the malfunction of a component. For the evaluation of the components of a safety development, the components which are part of the rafety-related function of the device must be considered. With a classification of components into "simple" and "complex" components, and with a pobability of the failure of components (called "FIT-rate"), a suitability for the desired safety level (called Safety-Integrity-Level "SIL") is calculated.
The "systematic faults" are relevant for hardware and software development. These faults, or the resulting risk of damage, can be addressed with preventive actions. Most important attempt to avoid faults is made by a suitable development process.
Reducing the risk of dangerous faults
Well, in reality we see, that there is no absolute safety. There is always a certain residual propability of a fault, and therefore a risk that a system is causing harm. How much this socially accepted residual risk is, depends on the probability a damage occurs and the extent of the damage.

Extensive knowledge in the development of functional safety

One Functional-Safety-Engineer in every team

We continuously educate engineers in software development for Functional Safety. After at least 5 years of activity in this functional safety, the training leads to an examination by an external company. The recognition of the knowledge takes place with the certificate "Functional Safety Engineer". We are able to contribute a lot of experience, knowledge and technologies from more than 270 projects and research projects to your project.
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Your benefits when participating on the safety mentoring

Mentoring and Training
We support your project from concept inspection to certification by an independent approval body. At all stages we can contribute with experience, tips and tricks to ensure the success of the project.
System Components
During development of the system components we convince with loyal and faithful implementations and pro-active thoughts for the behavior of the component and the safety capability for the overall system certification.
Safety Critical Software Development
Benefit from our experience in your development. Achieve thus safety and reliability in the implementation of your idea up to the certification by an assessment body.
System Components Outsourcing
You can lower pressure on your team by outsourcing the development of sub-systems to an experienced partner. A detailed and personal delivery guarantees seamless integration into the overall system.
Flexibility and Responsibility
In a normal project, there exist situations where it is necessary to react flexible and creative. We will find a winning solution and you can always rely on our responsibility for the success of your project.
Innovation und Freedom
We are convinced that a work environment with freedom and transparency is particularly suited to create innovations. We live this way of work every day and would like to impress you with the results.

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