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STMicroelectronics and Embedded Office

Embedded Office is working intensively with devices from STMicrocontrollers. Depending on the project requirements, we have used microcontrollers out of the families:

  • STM32 32-bit Arm Cortex MCUs  -  High Performance, Mainstream, and Ultra-Low Power MCUs
  • STM32 Arm Cortex MPUs  -  STM32MP1 Series
  • SPC5 32-bit Automotive MCUs  -  Safety-Critical Applications and Motor Control

We are proud to provide our knowledge and products to simplify the engineering of your safety product. In combination with the wide range of microcontrollers and the ST Partner Program, this leads to a great safety ecosystem for all of our ST customers.

ST Partner Program
Embedded Office is part of the ST Partner Program

Partner Components

ST Self-Test Library X-CUBE-STL

With X-CUBE-STL, ST Microelectronics offers a free, flexible design support package, including hardware self-tests for many ST microcontroller families.

Package Content

  • Pre-certified software library
  • Compliant to IEC 61508 SIL3
  • Compiler independent
  • Core component checks
  • Safety Documentation


The X-CUBE-STL is available as STM32 Cube Expansion for:

  • STM32F0 family microcontrollers
  • STM32F3 family microcontrollers
  • STM32F4 family microcontrollers
  • STM32L4/L4+ family microcontrollers

Embedded Office Services

Basic Service

Basic Support Service is a free service, covering general questions on the selection of microcontrollers within the ST STM32 microcontroller family.

  • General technical workshops
  • Usage of Flexible Safety RTOS on STM32 devices
  • Basic information on how to work in a safe environment

Premium Service

When design services or project-specific consultancy services are requested, the Premium Service from Embedded Office can help to design an effective system.

  • Project-specific technical workshops
  • X-CUBE-STL integration in customer projects
  • Integration RTOS and middleware components
  • Secure boot loader development
  • Board support package and driver development

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Let's talk about your safety requirements with ST microcontrollers and the solutions Embedded Office can provide.