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The Real-Time Kernel embOS-Safe

The real-time kernel embOS-Safe from SEGGER Microcontroller is a kernel, based on the proven embOS. This kernel uses the hardware memory protection unit to classify tasks into two groups ("privileged" and "unprivileged"). The tasks in the unprivileged group are executed by the kernel in a separate controlled environment ("sandbox"). The main features of this kernel are:

  • Suitable for any safety-critical application
  • Available for any MCU containing a hardware MPU or MMU
  • Unlimited number of privileged und unprivileged tasks possible
  • Unprivileged tasks 100% Sandboxed
  • Simple and straightforward runtime configuration
  • Easy to integrate in both new and existing products

Our Joint Way

The Discovery

Driven by the conviction that no system can meet all the requirements of today's and tomorrow's products, we at Embedded Office are constantly researching what new opportunities exist to meet the challenges of our customers. On one of these forays through the internet, we came across the quite new MPU extension to the established embOS of SEGGER microcontroller.

The Idea

The burgeoning curiosity has led us to a first joint conversation on goals and opportunities in the world of functional safety. The experience of Embedded Office in the certification of software components for functional safety and the resulting "Safety Mentoring" convinced as well as the many years of experience and innovation of SEGGER Microcontroller. In the subsequent discussions, the idea of ​​cooperation gradually emerged:

SEGGER Microcontroller - develops the product embOS-Safe according to the requirements of the market

Embedded Office - is responsible for Functional Safety Management and pre-certification for the product

The common goal: We want to make the real-time kernel embOS-Safe available as a pre-certified component for your safety project.

The Way

In the subsequent phase of planning and establishing a Functional Safety Management process for the product embOS-Safe, we have come to a common path with growing confidence and exceptionally high reliability of all team members. It does not matter which company the team member is employed to - the common goal was and is the basic orientation of any action. All communication is characterized by respect and mutual appreciation. In this environment much work has been done in a reasonable amount of time:


Pages Documention

Planning and establishment of the functional safety management process


Lines of Code

Certified source code as software component for safety use


Test Cases

Extensive test cases in verification and validation

The Goal

We have reached the declared goal and finished assessment in accordance with the standards by TÜV Süd. For you as a customer, the embOS-Safe is now available for safety projects in the industrial and medical technology environment. Together with the SEGGER Embedded Studio, you will receive a complete package for efficient work from a single source (SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH).

For consulting and support when using the real-time kernel in your safety project, you can build on the deep know-how and experience of Embedded Office.

Certified for

Industrial IEC 61508 - SIL 3
Medical IEC 62304 - Class C
Begutachtung durch TÜV Süd

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