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Embedded Office ist weltweit tätig. Für die beste Kundenerfahrung arbeiten wir mit vertrauenswürdigen und kompetenten lokalen Distributoren zusammen.

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  • Beijing Microtec Research

    Founded in 1995, Beijing Microtec Research Software Technologies Co. Ltd. (BMR) is a company focused on embedded solutions. With over 20 years of experience, the company is a leader in professional embedded software, operating systems, and hardware solutions for telecommunications, the Internet, consumer electronics, industrial control, and many other markets.

  • G3TEK Embedded Technologies

    G3TEK Embedded Technologies offers local services and software development solutions for embedded / real-time applications with its staff of expert engineers with 15 years of experience and knowledge. With its professional services, G3TEK helps its customers to reduce their expenses and get to the market on time. It produces solutions in the fields of defense, aviation, energy, rail systems, and automotive.

  • Hongke Technology

    Hongke Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995. The company works in the areas of test, measurement, automotive electronics, automation, embedded development tools, and software engineering. The company offers high-quality advice, maintenance, and training. HongKe believes that customer satisfaction is the only way a company can become a global leader.

  • infoteam Software (Beijing)

    Yifang Echelon (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is the Chinese branch of the German Yifang Echelon Co., Ltd. founded in 1983 and is located near Nuremberg, Germany. Bubenreuth City, specializes in software development and services for automation and embedded systems. Its products cover almost all core areas of industrial and health care, and life science software engineering.

  • I.S.I.T.

    ISIT is a company specialized in tools for real-time and embedded systems. ISIT has built its success on a strong commitment to its customers with a 100% service approach, technological, methodological, and normative support throughout the projects, and the ability to deliver turnkey solutions. ISIT has strong expertise in security, industrial networks, and real-time systems.

  • Microtime Computer

    Microtime Computer Inc. is active since 1984. We are a typical small-middle-scale company, but we remain competitive with the latest technology techniques. We focus on the design of embedded system solutions, ODM, and development tools of a system solution. System application design based on the SoC related to Arm core, Cortex M0/M0+/M3/M4/M7, etc., and software on embedded systems, RTOS.

  • Ruby Embedded Technologies

    Ruby Embedded Technologies is an Indian company, specialized in embedded systems with a fast time to market. To meet today's product requirements, Ruby Embedded Technologies also provides access to world-class development tools and software components with comprehensive instructions to quickly and efficiently achieve the customer's project goals.

  • Sightsys

    Sightsys (a member of Telsys Group) is an Israeli company, specializes in the development and testing tools for embedded systems for over 20 years. We provide innovative solutions for electronic and embedded system design, development, and test, acting as a value-added provider for development teams needing a high standard of technical understanding, as well as high-class customer support.

  • Weston Embedded Solutions

    Weston Embedded Solutions is a provider of embedded software and engineering services that specializes in the Micrium RTOS family of products. Their team is comprised entirely of Micrium engineers with decades of experience managing the entire µC/OS product code base and supporting customers. They offer technical support for all Micrium products and commercially license the highly popular uC/OS products and protocol stacks under the Cesium brand.




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