CMSIS Pack for Flexible Safety RTOS


Within this CMSIS pack you get an evaluation version of the Flexible Safety RTOS for Cortex-M4F. The evaluation version is limited in:
Number of active RTOS objects (Tasks, Queues, etc.) is limited
No safety manuals included
RTOS delivered as library
Feel free to download and test the evaluation version of our RTOS. Simply import the CMSIS pack into your build environment and start programming great safety functions with hard real time behavior.

Get all Functions of the Flexible Safety RTOS

Pre-Certified RTOS with Space Protection Extension

Preemptive Multi-Tasking
Software Timer
Process Space Protection
Memory Management
Event Handling
Shared Memory

Included Example Project

To simplify the start of using the RTOS, the included examples demonstrates a complete integrated system. Select your evaluation board and ensure, that you select a board with a device running a Cortex-M4F core. Feel free to integrate the RTOS to your evaluation board as a first training.

Download Example Description

Reference Evaluation Board

Evaluation board STM3240G EVAL
Evaluation board STM3240G EVAL
Evaluation board: STM3240G EVAL with mounted device: STM32F407IG

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Flyer: Flexible Safety RTOS
API Reference Manual for Flexible Safety RTOS
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