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Safety Projects with TI Devices

Embedded Office is working on many projects with devices from Texas Instruments. Depending on the project requirements, we have used microcontrollers and processors out of the families:

  • Hercules MCUs for functional safety  -  Devices with automotive-grade (TMS570xxx) and industrial grade (RMxx)
  • Tiva C Series  -  High-performance Cortex-M4F based MCU and IoT enabled High-performance Cortex-M4F based MCU
  • Sitara Arm-based processors  -  AM335x: cost-optimized, AM4x: real-time control and security, AM6x: Gigabit industrial Ethernet and functional safety

TI Components


With HALCoGen, Texas Instruments offers a free chip configuration GUI:

  • Startup Code
  • Peripheral drivers

SafeTI HALCoGen Compliance

The SafeTI HALCoGen Compliance Support Package assists customers using HALCoGen to comply with functional safety by:

  • Providing documentation
  • Reports
  • Unit Test capabilities

Embedded Office Services

Basic Service

Basic Support Service is a free service, covering general questions on the selection of microcontrollers within the Texas Instruments CPU families.

  • General technical workshops
  • Usage of Flexible Safety RTOS on TI devices
  • Basic information on how to work in a safe environment

Premium Service

When design services or project-specific consultancy services are requested, the Premium Service from Embedded Office can help to design an effective system.

  • Project-specific technical workshops
  • HALCoGen integration in customer projects
  • Integration RTOS and middleware components
  • Secure boot loader development
  • Board support package and driver development

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Let's talk about your requirements when working with Texas Instruments microcontrollers in safety projects and the solutions Embedded Office can provide.