NXP and Embedded Office

Safety Projects with NXP Devices

Embedded Office is working in many safety projects with devices from NXP. Depending on the project requirements, we have used microcontrollers and processors out of the families:
Power Architecture Processors and Microcontrollers
MPC5xxx Microcontrollers, QorIQ P Series
Automotive Arm Processors
S32S Safety Microcontroller, S32K Microcontrollers, Kinetis EA Microcontrollers, MAC57D5xx Automotive Microcontrollers
Arm-based Processors and Microcontrollers
i.MX Application Processors, S32 Processing Platform, S32V Vision Processor, LPC Cortex-M MCUs, Kinetis Cortex-M MCUs
Coldfire+/Coldfire MCUs and MPUs
Automotive qualified Coldfire Microcontrollers, Coldfire Microprocessors
Here we list some examples of the latest finished projects using a device out of the NXP device families:
Power Architecture MCU (Device MPC57xx)
Aerospace project development according to DO-178B - DAL B and certification of Partitioning System
Automotive Arm (Device S32Kxxx)
Automotive project development according to ISO 26262 - ASIL-C and integration of pre-certified Flexible Safety RTOS
Power Architecture MPU (Device P2010)
Aerospace project development according to DO-178C - DAL B and certification of Partitioning System
Arm based MCU (Device Kinetis K21xx)
Medical project development according to IEC 52304 - Class B and integration of pre-certified Flexible Safety RTOS
Coldfire+ MPU (Device MCF5541x)
Railway project development according to EN 50128 - SIL4

Partner Components

IEC 60730 Class B Safety Routines

The IEC 60730 safety standard defines the test and diagnostic methods that ensure the safe operation of embedded control hardware and software for household appliances.
CPU registers
Clock Test
RAM & Flash Tests
Digital and Analog I/O Tests
Watchdog & Stack Tests
The safety routines assist customers in the development of IEC 60730 and IEC 60335 requirements. The safety routines are certified by VDE and UL. Supported device families are:
Digital Signal Controller (DSC)

Embedded Office Services

Basic Service

Basic Support Service is a free service, covering general questions on selection of microcontroller within the NXP CPU families.
General technical workshops
Usage of Flexible Safety RTOS on NXP devices
Basic information how to work in a safety environment

Premium Service

When design services or project specific consultancy services are requested, the Premium Service from Embedded Office can help to design an effective system.
Project specific technical workshops
Integration of IEC 60730 safety routines in customer project
Integration RTOS and middleware components
Secure boot loader development
Board support package and driver development

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