Safety Add-Ons

Pre-Certified Safety Add-Ons

Meet the functional requirements of IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 with the pre-certified Safety Add-Ons.

Functional Safety

Pre-certified modules to get your safety measures work quickly and safely

Background for Black-Channel-Communication

During the development of a system with safety requirements, we will often encounter the situation in which the safety device needs to communicate with other safety devices. For communication, a standard communication channel (such as CAN or Ethernet) is usually available.

The development of a separate communication channel for the safety communication is possible - but usually economically not viable. For this reason, the so-called "black channel communication" is often used as a method of choice. This is a method in which the safety devices can send their safety-relevant data via unsafe channels by protecting the safety-related data.

Protecting the safety-relevant messages via unsafe communication channels must be able to detect the following errors:

  • Repeated message
  • Lost message
  • Inserted message
  • Wrong sequence of messages
  • Changed message
  • Delayed message
  • Coupling of safe and unsafe data
Black-Channel Kommunikation
Black-Channel Kommunikation

The safety data are protected with safety information before transmission via the standard communication channel (we call this information the "Safety Envelope"). It refers to:

  • A sender identification
  • A data package counter
  • A checksum on data (including the envelope)

Upon receipt, the information from the "Safety Envelope" is checked for plausibility and it can be detected whether one of the listed errors has occurred.

Extensive experience in the design of safety algorithms

One Functional-Safety-Engineer in every team

We continuously educate engineers in software development for Functional Safety. After at least 5 years of activity in this functional safety, the training leads to an examination by an external company. The recognition of the knowledge takes place with the certificate "Functional Safety Engineer".

We are able to contribute a lot of experience, knowledge and technologies from more than 270 projects and research projects to your project.


The module "End-To-End (E2E) protection of communication" enables the transmission of security-relevant data via insecure communication channels. This type of communication is also called black channel communication.

Certified Solution

You will not get only source code of the Safety Add-Ons, in fact you get pre-certified modules for IEC 61508 and ISO 26262. The safety manual, the user's guide and the example projects provide an efficient entry point.

Program Flow Monitor

The module "Program Flow Monitor" enables the monitoring of the logical program sequence via freely definable program execution gates. Any number of gates in the application can be distributed and monitored.

Time Budget Watchdog

The module "Time Budget Watchdog" offers the monitoring of the CPU runtime consumption in functions, function groups or tasks. In addition, the number of activations in a period can be monitored for cyclic functions.

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Safety Critical Software Development

Benefit from our experience in your development. Achieve thus safety and reliability in the implementation of your idea up to the certification by an accreditation body.

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In a normal projects, there exist situations where it is necessary to react flexible and creative. We will find a winning solution and you can always rely on our responsibility for the success of your project.

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We are convinced that a work environment with freedom and transparency is particularly suited to create innovations. We live this way of work every day and would like to impress you with the results.

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The so-called Flexible Safety RTOS is the real-time kernel with memory protection, pre-certified for applications in the field of functional safety according to IEC 61508, ISO 26262 and IEC 62304

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