Are you interested in safe and secure storage of data in embedded systems?

See the safe and secure data storage with a database made for embedded systems. Optional with encryption, synchronization and replication.

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Safe Data Storage

By the transaction-based storage of the data the consistency of the data is ensured even in case of a sudden power failure.

High Data Security

The possibility of encrypting your data on the embedded device also allows you to meet the highest security requirements.

Scalable and Portable

This database is for embedded systems and can therefore also be used effectively in systems with limited resources.

High Availability

The functions for synchronizing and replicating databases allow the development of systems with the highest availability.

Stable Performance

The database allows concurrent access to the data. This allows the use of various operating systems and RTOS kernels.

Standardized Operation

The data can be managed via a C/C++ API or via SQL. This allows database developers to strengthen the embedded team.

Areas of Applications

Data Management

With this database you can relax with the growing volume of data. In spite of the limited resources, this database can manage large amounts of data efficiently.

Data Analysis

The analysis of the data can change during the development and production life cycle of a device. With a database, you can react flexibly to changing requirements.

Data Security

The requirements for the confidentiality and integrity of the data can be met with an encrypted data storage. The database maintains access to the records as required.

Data Availability

By storing your data on the embedded system, you can guarantee the availability of the data in mobile networks and reduce the transfer costs of the data via the cloud.

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