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Portfolio Projects

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... but with things you have done.

Henry Ford

We would therefore like to describe you here for example projects which we have successfully implemented with our customers.

We support our customers flexibly and according to individual needs in all living conditions. Starting with the creation of a workload, suggestions and recommendations in software architecture design with and without an existing kernel up to the transfer of entire software projects or software components.

Collection of Realized Software Projects

Motor Control for Small Aircraft

For the customer, this has been the first certification after aviation DO-178C. With our mentoring program and the partitioning system, we have efficiently supported the approval according to DO-178C (DAL-B). We have assumed responsibility for the planning and documentation of the partitioning system and the board support package.

Mobile Diagnostic Device

This experienced customer from the medical field has required a pre-certified Safety RTOS with memory protection. Through our Cert Kit with Quickstart Service, the RTOS was able to be used in a very short time on a new processor. In parallel to the project, we have certified the cert kit for this new processor according to IEC 62304 (Class C).

Data Management in Aircrafts

This highly experienced customer from the aviation industry has integrated several applications of different criticality into one system. Our partitioning system has impressed with its outstanding qualities in terms of performance and quality. We have assumed the responsibility for the certification of the partitioning system according to DO-178B (DAL-B) as part of the project.

Joystick for Construction Vehicles

This customer has been looking for a partner to develop the first safety-critical system. With our mentoring program, an individual board support package and CANopen Stack including the CANopen Safety protocol, the customer was able to fully concentrate on his application and to certify it according to IEC 61508 (SIL2).

Driver Assistance System

This customer with lot of experience requests an individual and pre-certified Safety RTOS for a high performance processor. With our competence in real time operating systems we are able to provide a matching SMP system for the project. The SMP system, including the required BSP, is build and pre-certified in parallel to the project according to ISO 26262 (ASIL-B).

Isolation Monitoring

This experienced customer has required a flexible and pre-certified Safety RTOS on a new processor family. With our safety experts, we were able to adapt the Cert Kit with memory protection to the new processors and introduce it into the project. We then took full responsibility for certification according to IEC 61508 (SIL3).

Cyber Security Device

This customer has required a real-time kernel with which security areas can be separated by means of memory protection. With our RTOS expert knowledge, we have expanded the μC / OS-III from Micrium by the required functionalities. The project was accelerated with the commissioning of the entire middleware of the customer.

Aerospace System Platform

One customer needed a partner to develop a distributed system with an interface for data exchange via IRIDIUM satellites. With our Partitioning System and the Quickstart Service, we have integrated TCP / IP Stack and Filesystem as well as a bootloader and an RPC communication. We have prepared for the approval according to DO-178B.

Industrial Safety Network

This customer was looking for a partner to develop a communication based on raw Ethernet for a safety system. With our Cert-Kit and our functional safety experts, we were able to take over this subproject. We have also assumed the responsibility for the documentation of a certification according to IEC 61508 (SIL3).

Control Unit for Railway Signaling

This customer was looking for a safety RTOS for an existing hardware with an old processor. With our Cert-Kit and our functional safety experts, we were able to work out a solution. We have assumed responsibility for the development and documentation of the RTOS up to a certification according to EN 50128 (SIL4).

Control Unit for Automotive

This large supplier was looking for a way to use the real-time kernel μC / OS-II as an ISO 26262 QM component. We were able to offer a solution with parts of our cert kit and the knowledge about the approval of software components. We have demonstrated the quality of μC / OS-II with our validation test software and some analyzes.

Qualification Tests for Aviation Equipment

This experienced aviation supplier needed support in the development and commissioning of test software for the approval of hardware developments. With our CANopen stack and the experience with the commissioning of newly developed hardware boards, we have been able to support reliably and flexibly for many years.