Implemeted Customer Projects

We assist our customers flexible and individual in all circumstances. Starting with creation of requirement specifications, by way of suggestions and recoomendations for software architectural design with and without an existing realtime kernel up to including of complete projects or components.

The following examples shows some customer projects we have done. We have done all necessary work packages starting from the Software Architecture based on a customer specification up to the integration tests. All created artefacts, reviews, source code and tests are delivered during the acceptance on customer site.

Aerospace - Certification Software

Many projects on different hardware plattforms are accompanied with a flexible test software through the aerospace hardware certification process. Partial the device drivers of the flight software are integration. The flexible communication between the devices is realized with CANopen.

Agricultural - Control Device

A complete software development project of a control device. The device is linked via the CAN network to the vehicle and is communicating with a customer specific protocol. The control device will be used in multiple variants and the software is supporting the management of these variants.

Industry - Safety Network

A customer development project for a communication layer based on raw ethernet for a IEC61508 SIL-3 system. The layer supports multiple hot-plug modules with safe and unsafe data. The layer provides a flexible application programming interface including several integrated services, e.g. a service similar to RPC (remote procedure call).