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Partner Network

We trust our Partners


The aim of Embedded Office is to provide the right solution for your challenges. To achieve this goal we have partners with whom we work side-by-side on your solution.

You benefit from this:

  • a single point of contact who is fully responsible
  • wide range of experience from all subject areas
  • scope of services adapted to your needs
  • flexible approach for all selected components
  • professional symbiosis of Open Source and commercial products

Worldwide Sales

Through our distributors, we offer worldwide sales by experts with experience in real-time operating system and safety.

Integrated Solutions

Joint with the experts of our partners, we deliver fully integrated solutions and technologies for the challenges of the future.

Optimal Design

We work together with different manufacturers of components in order to find the optimal design for your project.

You are interested in a free talk to an expert...

Arrange an expert meeting

We offer a free and non-committal interview with one of our experts. We can get to know each other, answer your open questions and also discuss the first requirements of your project.