Partitioning System

Real-Time Operating System to Separate Applications

Smart RTOS with memory protection and runtime control for multiple independent applications

RTOS Space Protection

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Inspiration for a Smart Real-Time System

We are working for many years in the aviation industry. Starting from primary and secondary flight controls up to intelligent actuators and cabin management systems. As different as the projects have been, we recognize common requests:

  • Separation of Applications
  • Guarantee of Runtime Behavior

Workin in a research project of Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA), we have contact with the operating system standard: ARINC653. This standard describes such a separation of applications. As this operating system standard is focused on large systems and we see the benefits on smaller microcontrollers as well, we have created the Partitioning System.

Smart Functions of the Partitioning System

Real-Time System to Separate Standalone Applications

The system architecture allows the separation of multiple standalone applications. In your project you can use the services of the real-time kernel µC/OS-II and some additional services:

Application Management

Each application can be developed individually without an RTOS or with the included real-time kernel µC/OS-II. The integration of other real-time kernels is possible, too.

Controlling Runtime

You can adjust the runtime division of applications during designing your system. The system supports multiple static configurations and switching between them dynamically during runtime when needed.

Easy Communication

For exchanging data between multiple separated applications, the Partitioning System provides an easy to use and efficient producer/consumer communication system.

System Extension

The open architecture allows you to expand the core of the real-time system with so-called "Service Calls". These service calls are independent functions that are available to all applications.

Achieve Project Objectives with the Partitioning System

Guaranteed Runtime Behavior

The runtime behavior of stand-alone applications is monitored continuously by the Partitioning System. Static definitions of runtime phases will be specified during the system design.

Spatial Separation of Applications

The applications are completely spatially separated within this Partitioning System. Due to this, it is impossible to access memory areas of other applications directly. When using a MMU, virtual addressing is supported.

Functional Safety

This smart real-time system is grown out of multiple safety-critical projects. The operating system is designed to separate different design assurance levels on one system.

Highest Performance

The smart system design of the real-time operating system and the possibility to expand the kernel with 'Service Calls', the highest standards of performance are met.

Growing Number of Supported Processors

Available Partitioning Systems

See below an extract of existing Partitioning Systems. We have designed the Partitioning System to add new processors and guest kernels very fast and with low effort.

Core CPU Compiler
ARM9 AT91SAM9xxx
Cortex A53 UltraScale+ GCC
Cortex A8 i.MX537 GCC
Cortex A9 i.MX6S GCC
PPC e200 MPC55xx
Codewarrior, GHS, Windriver (Diab)
Codewarrior, Windriver (Diab)
PPC e500 P2010
Codewarrior, GCC
PPC mpc500 MPC565 GCC,Windriver (Diab)
RH850G3M RH850/P1M GHS

If your microcontroller is not listed, just ask us. We are working continuously on new systems.

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