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New Functionality in CANopen Update V3.3.0

The CANopen slave is a component which implements the CANopen protocol according to CiA DS301. This component provides a tool, called "CANopen Config Tool", for managing the CANopen object directory. The CANopen slave does not require a realtime kernel and is effective and suitable for even the smallest microcontroller. For more extensive CANopen devices, any real-time kernel can be used.

Besides minor changes to reduce various compiler warnings the following enhancements have been made:

  • Ability to monitor up to 127 neighbor nodes in the CANopen network via "Heartbeat Consumer".
    If there are changes to the internal NMT mode of the monitored node, or delays of the heartbeat message, or even total failure of the node, the application is notified. Thus, reactions to these events can be very efficiently implemented in the application.
  • For simplifying the network configuration, the LSS slave CiA DS305 has been added. As a result, baud rate and node ID can now be set via an LSS Master during comissioning of the CANopen network.
  • The CANopen Config Tool has been extended to hide indivual object entries in the EDS file. The intention was to provide particular object records for the manufacturing of CANopen devices; possible uses include calibration, setting of the serial number, and similar operations.

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