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New Program: µC/OS for Makers

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Micrium introduced at the Embedded World a new programm.

"µC/OS for Makers"

The µC/OS for Makers of Micrium allows you to use Micrium's complete operating system. This is free of charge as long as the software is not used commercially.

- You have started a business, but still do not generate any revenue?
- You would like to evaluate the software for a new project or a new idea, but have no budget for this?
- You are a student or a professor at a university and would like to get an insight into a RTOS?

Then this program is for you.

µC/OS for Makers includes the following components and tools:

  • µC/OS-III
  • µC/TCP-IP
  • µC/USB-Device
  • µC/USB-Host
  • µC/Modbus
  • µC/FS
  • µCProbe
  • extensive documentation, sample projects and support videos

Follow the registration link:

Feel free to contact us for questions about the products, to the program or for support inquiries.

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