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Workshop ‘Is your ‘safe’ design open to security vulnerabilities?’

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A security master-class in the form of a technical workshop delivered by experts in functional safety and security from Lynx and Embedded Office

You are invited to this workshop.

For applications where security is integral to safe operation, IEC 61508 demands that a safety case is created to deal with it.  The Lynx and Embedded Office half day technical workshop will explain how the use of a separation kernel can help fulfill just such a safety case by providing access to the Internet only where it is absolutely necessary, and providing a defense strategy for the remainder of the system. It will explain how the application of Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) principles provides a solid theoretical foundation for achieving that aim. It will then show how the application of a separation kernel designed to meet those principles provides a useable and accessible solution to the problem.
Participation is free of charge, the number of participants is limited.

The workshop will take part in Munich and should be attended by Technical Architects, Engineering Managers, Product Managers and Project Engineers.

Kempinski Hotel Airport
Tuesday, the 11th of November 2014
(the opening day of electronica 2014)
Time schedule: 9 – 12 am.

Thereafter we invite you to having lunch together. Here you have the possibility to get to know Embedded Office and Lynx better.


For more information and registration, please send an e-mail to
A. Dorn,


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