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Starterkit for MPC5777M

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Starterkit for Freescale’s Qorivva MPC5777M Mikrocontroller for an easy use in the safety-sector

The MPC5777M is an especially for the requirements in the automotive sector designed PowerPC microcontroller with 2x e200z7 Main Core and e200z4 I/O core. It is designed to help system manufacturers more easily achieve compliance with functional safety standards

Embedded Office now has adapted the starterkit for its Partitioning System to the MPC5777M. In a further step, this starterkit will also be certified.

The partitioning system is an environment which enables software applications to be isolated from each other so that no unwanted interaction is possible. By isolating the software application can, in particular in safety-critical systems, a lot of money be saved by a parallel development and certification of several software applications.

For more information about our Partitioning System please have a look here: Partitioning System

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