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Starterkits facilitate entry into certification

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Embedded Office, a specialist company for embedded systems that specialises in safety-critical applications, is offering pre-certified components in the form of its Cert-Kits that support manufacturers of safety-relevant systems in accordance with the standards IEC62304, IEC61508 and EN50128 in standard-compliant development. To enable users to get started quickly in their certification projects, Embedded Office is now offering so‑called ‘starterkits’.

These starterkits are executable systems, which allow users to immediately commence the development of a certification project. The starterkits comprise the source code of a given microcontroller for the respective development tool. They are available for the following products and chips:

  • Real-time kernel µC/OS-II with memory protection (µC/OS-MPU)
  • Partitioning System (µC/TimeSpaceOS)

The core of the starterkit is a component that comprises a flexibly deployable hardware programming interface from the respective product to the microcontroller employed using the respective development tools. The component can be adapted by configuring the hardware wiring of the microcontroller. It supports all the necessary units of a microcontroller for operating a random real-time kernel. Furthermore, additional units are integrated in case the respective product should require these. The component has been prepared for use in safety-critical applications, meaning that mechanisms for monitoring the integrity are already integrated.

When developing the software design for the interface, the focus was on ensuring simple expandability and providing facilities that permit adaptation to the project-specific requirements. This means that a flexible environment is available for a project about to commence for effectively addressing the technical and financial risks. By way of example, the microcontroller can be changed with manageable risks, since the interface remains constant across all the starterkits. In this regard, the supplied demo application presents a good basis for users to start their own software.

“The certification of safety-critical software is a complex and drawn-out process that not only presents users with a major challenge, but which is also associated with high project and financial risks”, explains Thomas Amann, Managing Director of Embedded Office. “Our starterkits facilitate entry into complex certification projects. The starterkits comprise the source code of the kernel, allowing users to immediately commence their applications. Later, when the Cert-Kit has passed all the tests and received the TÜV certificate, they can then purchase this. This enables users to split the costs, which can often be helpful when project budgets are tight, and also benefit from a time advantage, since they instantly acquire the source code.”

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