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Embedded Office, a specialist company for embedded systems that specialises in safety-critical applications, has extended the range of its Cert-Kits and is now offering for µC/OS-II a component pre-certified on the 16-bit microcontroller C167 from Infineon, which supports manufacturers of safety-critical systems in the standard-compliant development according to DIN EN50128 SIL-4. The C167 is a proven microcontroller, which is used very frequently in industry. The C167 is typically used in the automotive sector, in medical engineering and in industry, for example in railway applications.

By using the real-time kernel µC/OS-II as a pre-certified component, this product facilitates the development of safety-critical applications and considerably reduces the certification process. The Cert-Kit comprises all the elements required for creating an executable application. These include the certified source code, various software manuals such as safety, target integration, user, reference and system manual. The Cert-Kit also contains validation software (including reference board support package) and the TÜV certificate pertaining to the type approval of the pre-certified software component. Upon request, the test environment can also be made available to customers. The Cert-Kit provides flexibility so Embedded Office can adapt the certification of µC/OS-II with minimum effort to other CPUs and development environments.  In addition to the standard EN50128, it is also suitable for the development of safety-critical devices according to the standards IEC62304 (medical sector) and IEC61508 (industrial applications).

“The standard-compliant software development for systems of the safety integrity level SIL 4 in accordance with DIN EN 50128 calls for special focus on the safety of the products to be developed. At the same time, however, it is also important to pay attention to the system performance and an efficient, continuous software development process. The safety experts from Embedded Office have a wealth of experience in this field and, with their Cert-Kits, offer pre-certified components, which allow developers of railway technology applications to save a substantial amount of their certification effort”, comments Thomas Amann, Managing Director of Embedded Office.

µC/OS-II is a portable, ROM-capable, scalable, pre-emptive, deterministic real-time kernel for microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs. It is used in many different industries. The real-time kernel is particularly popular in the safety-critical environment, because the source code is written in a comprehensible manner and is well documented. µC/OS-II has proven itself in a wide variety of applications within safety-critical areas. The real-time kernel provides a wide range of functions: semaphores, mutual-exclusion semaphores, event flags, message mailboxes, message queues, memory management, task management and timer management.

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