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LynxSecure stands for highest security demands.

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Secure Virtualisation

The LynxSecure Separation Kernel Hypervisor is a virtualization technology designed to support embedded, real-time, safety critical, and security critical solutions. Originally designed and developed to meet the exacting security needs of the Department of Defense (DoD) and deterministic requirements of the avionics community. The major capabilities of LynxSecure are:

  • Separation Kernel - LynxSecure is reduced to the absolut necessary functionality required for a separation kernel. All higher-level services such as network communication via TCP/IP or file system are delegated to application levels. This ensures a minimal attack surface for hackers.
  • Extensive - LynxSecure is packaged with development and configuration tools that offer real-time and granular control over hardware platform resources for managing guest OS resource allocation, execution scheduling, and intercommunication.
  • Multi-Core - With support for multi-process, multi-threaded, and multi-core environments, LynxSecure easily scales from small embedded systems to large enterprise deployments.
LynxSecure Separation Kernel Hypervisor

Distribution and Support

Key Technology

Embedded Office has been a distributor for Lynx Software Technologies since 2015. During this time, Lynx Software Technologies and Embedded Office have carried the issue of security into the embedded market with a lot of dedication and insider knowledge. We are convinced that this topic will be the key to success for entire product families. LynxSecure provides an incredibly effective system for increasing security in embedded systems.


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About Lynx Software Technologies

Through precision engineering, Lynx Software Technologies develops advanced kernel technology that empowers innovative companies to create the safest, most secure systems in the world. Lynx is committed to providing the highest levels of safety and security in its Virtualization and RTOS products. The latest product in the portfolio, the award-winning LynxSecure offers a secure separation kernel and embedded hypervisor that forms a platform for the development of highly secure systems. Since it was established in 1988, Lynx Software Technologies has created technology that has been successfully deployed in thousands of designs and millions of products made by leading automotive, communications, avionics, aerospace, medical, and transportation companies. Lynx headquarters are located in San Jose, CA. For more information, visit