AURIX™ Flexible Safety RTOS

The pre-certified Flexible Safety RTOS for the Infineon AURIX™ microcontroller family.

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Flexible Safety RTOS

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Infineon AURIX™ microcontroller family

In 1999, Infineon launched the first generation of the AUDO (AUtomotive unifieD processOr) family. Based on a unified RISC/MCU/DSP processor core, this 32-bit TriCore™ microcontroller was a computational power horse. And the company has evolved and optimized the concept ever since – culminating in what is now the fifth TriCore™ generation.

Infineon AURIX TC237 Evaluation Board

With its high real-time performance, embedded safety and security features, the TriCore™ family is the ideal platform for a wide range of automotive applications such as the control of combustion engines, electrical and hybrid vehicles, transmission control units, chassis domains, braking systems, electric power steering systems, airbags and advanced driver assistance systems. TriCore™-based products also deliver the versatility required for the industrial sector, excelling in optimized motor control applications and signal processing. Infineon’s broad product portfolio allows engineers to choose from a wide range of memories, peripheral sets, frequencies, temperatures and packaging options. And all this with a high degree of compatibility across generations. The TriCore™ success story continues with the introduction of the AURIX™ multicore family. AURIX™ combines easy‑to‑use functional safety support, a strong increase in performance and a future-proven security solution in a highly scalable product family.

For this target platforms, the comprehensive functions of Flexible Safety RTOS

Pre-Certified RTOS with Space Protection Extension

All service functions of the proven real time kernel µC/OS-II are pre-certified with unchanged interface. Consequencial the usage is possible within an existing systems, too. The possibilities of the flexible Safety RTOS is results out of the complete set of RTOS services and the advantages of the pre-certified component:


  • Preemptive Multi-Tasking
  • Software Timer
  • Process Space Protection
  • Memory Management

Event Handling

  • Flags
  • Semaphors
  • Mutex


  • Queue
  • Mailbox
  • Shared Memory

Consistent Interface

The Application Programming Interface (API) is unchanged in relation to Micriums the real time kernel µC/OS-II. Therefore existing software parts can be (re-)used easily.

Compiler Independence

The pre-certification is performed in a way, that no certified Compiler is required. We can perform a certification of the Flexible Safety RTOS with all existing compiler.

Safety with Certificate

Independent assessors have been checked the development multiple times and confirms with a certificate, that our Cert-Kit is ideally suited as component for function safety products.

Complete System

The Flexible Safety RTOS includes a reference BSP with all needed hardware related functions. This certifiable BSP is implemented with high flexibility and can be adjusted to your project.

Your Benefits when Using the Pre-Certified Safety RTOS

Running System

You can start with your system on top of an already working system. The RTOS specific hardware functions are included and can be certified optionally with your product certification.

Matching Certificate

We have pre-certified our Flexible Safety RTOS in a way, that you get a matching certificate for IEC 61508, IEC 62304 or ISO 26262. No effort is required to analyze and write mapping documents.

Safe Investment

With our delivered validation test suite, you are able to perform extensive tests of the system independent from us. With this you are able to check compiler version updates yourself.

Separation of Software

The space protection ensures, that software components are free of interference. Therefore you are able to execute multiple Safety-Integrity-Levels (SIL) on a single micro controller.

You are interested in this safety team for your project ...

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We offer free and non-commercial Test Packages for your experiments. Each package include:

  • a test version of the Flexible Safety RTOS
  • a BSP covering the RTOS requirements
  • a demo project for starting your safety project
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