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Note: we are using the compiler/assembler/linker out of the listed development environment directly. We always provide simple makefiles, which allows easy and effective continuous integration setups. In case you like an integration of these makefiles into a IDE, we recommend the use of the free Eclipse IDE in any version. The make tool itself is free as well - we provide a small package (called: Starterkit Development Tools) including the essentials for running the demo projects here.

Quickstart Step-By-Step

Delivery Extraction

The first step is to extract the delivered package into a single directory. This results in the following directory tree:

    +- bsp
    +- cert-mpu
    +- demo
       +- cert-mpu
          +- <demo-name>
             +- app
             +- cfg

Further Reading

For further reading on your first run of the Flexible Safety RTOS, please have a look into the markdown documentation, located in:


Have fun during your evaluation of the provided demo.

In case you need some help or want to use it in a commercial product, contact us by mail or phone.