Public Customer Area

Individual Deliveries

For individual deliveries of products and consulting work, we use an "Electronic Delivery-System (EDS)". We use the solution from Flexera.

This system gives you an overview of all purchased products and consulting work. You can download with a secured connection your software packages very easy and clear. Furthermore the system allows you to manage the visibility of packages and update notifications within your company. This is accomplished by creating a new "Member" for a collegue, who wants to have the update notifications, too.

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In order to optimize our support we set up a ticket system. This system allows us to provide a fast and efficient support. You as our customer will be forwarded automaticaly and directly to the specific product specialist within our support team. All members of the support team can see your ticket and take over if required.

Support Request

Development Tools

We collect some freeware tools, which we use in our daily work. You may use them together with an Eclipse version and your selected cross-compiler to compile the applications as described in the delivery.

Latest Development Tools

This package contains the following components:

  • GNU MCU Eclipse Windows Build Tools

  • A part of the Release 4.4 of Hashdeep
Development Tools - V1.1.0

Old Versions

The packages here are provided for backward compatibility. We recommend the usage of the latest package, because we use them inhouse as well.

Remote Support

The following tool enables us to have a view on your desktop together and work on your specific support request by phone.

Note: There is no installation needed, simply start the program - and we are ready to go.