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Partitioning System with ARINC653 Scheduler

Avionic software according to DO-178C


Software Components according to IEC 61508 - SIL 3

Industrial software according to IEC 61508


Software Components according to IEC 62304 - Class C

Medical software according to IEC 62304


Software Components according to ISO 26262 - ASIL D

Automotive software according to ISO 26262


Software Components according to EN 50128 - SIL 4

Transportation software according to EN 50128

Embedded Office Services

Software Service: Precise Interaction of Integrated Components

Embedded Office is your expert with years of experience when it comes to embedded software development of all kinds. Monitor, regulate and control distributed systems with microcontrollers of any performance classes. We offer different services with the core competence of functional safety. In doing so, we follow our guiding principle of cooperation: our employees implement your ideas and wishes together with you. Only when your goal is fully achieved, we are satisfied.

We have gained a lot of experience in Embedded Security over the last years. Thanks to successfully completed projects and the continuous training of engineers in all safety technologies, we will find a solution for your challenges. Protect your system with access permission features from potential attacks while protecting the people and environment from damage by your system's malfunctions – in short: use our knowledge to implement your vision in a safe and secure way.

As experts in embedded software development, we offer software components and project consulting for the realization of your ideas by our team.

Michael Hillmann Michael Hillmann Managing Director

With our safety mentoring, we guarantee for the successful approval of your software for use in safety systems, even if this is the first safety system for your company.

Thomas Amann Thomas Amann Managing Director

Functional Safety Management: Avoid and master possible errors

Due to the high complexity of electronic and programmable systems, the risk of computer errors increases with each additional task. The Functional-Safety-Management ensures that both, random errors which are exclusively related to the hardware, as well as systematic errors, which can occur in the development of soft- and hardware, are not only reduced but largely avoided. The remaining errors are fully controlled. Functional safety monitors the ongoing operation to detect faults, gain the upper hand, and then create a previously defined safe state. In addition, strategies are developed to minimize possible errors during development through a uniform and reproducible procedure.

Core Areas of Embedded Office

Splitting and separating memory by a suitable memory protection

Computer-programmed operating systems equipped with reliable Space Protection prevent programs from inadvertently or intentionally accessing and affecting the memory of other programs. To increase your security, we work with all existing memory protection units:

  • Memory Management Unit (MMU),
  • Memory Protection Unit (MPU)

With these memory protection units, we have created a flexible memory protection extension that complements the μC/OS-II real-time kernel. Use our help to control access to your various memories. You will also find detailed information about the expansion of the mentioned extension on the page provided for this purpose.

Functional Safety

Benefit from our experience of many security-critical projects with successful software certification.

Realtime Operating System

Tips for your system architecture based on the use of various real-time kernels up to the approval in safety-critical use.

Safety Mentoring

We work on development processes that are adapted to the needs of the project and share our experience with you.

Embedded Security

We share with you our knowledge about the analysis of the attack possibilities on the security of your data and the defense against these attacks.

Pre-certified Safety RTOS

Our Flexible Safety RTOS offers comprehensive functions. These consist of the RTOS services as well as the advantages of a pre-certified component. We have pre-certified our Flexible Safety RTOS to receive your required certificate for IEC 61508, IEC 62304 or ISO 26262. Trust our professional services and enjoy preemptive multi-tasking, comprehensive communications and synchronization services, kernel process memory protection, and memory management.

If you are looking for new security concepts, Embedded Office is your first contact. We are a true specialist for embedded systems with a focus on safety-critical applications, and we are creating new innovative projects in industrial, medical and various special vehicle construction segments in close cooperation with our customers. Engage in embedded software development in your organization, so you can look forward to reliable, targeted results.


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