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Erfahrungen und Trends rund um Embedded Safety Software

Multi-core Prozessoren in Automotive ADAS Systemen (English)

von Embedded Office

Motor vehicles are rapidly becoming hosts to the latest electronics technology with embedded multi-core processors, advanced onboard sensors and the latest artificial intelligence techniques. Read about recent changes in new car and van technology, from head-up displays, infotainment and refined telematics to self-driving cars. Find out why processor distribution and balance is crucial for performance. Also, will ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems) become standard in vehicle specifications, and what challenges do driverless cars face?

So klappt es: AGILE Entwicklung in Safety Projekten (English)

von Embedded Office

IT project management and developers are well aware of Agile's advantages within new software projects. However, can its accelerated processes be used gainfully in projects where safety is essential – and without compromising standards? Here, in a follow-on from our introduction of this topic, we examine some specific measures that IT decision makers may want to bear in mind. With careful planning and good management, it should be possible both to maintain high standards when developing software within an Agile environment and to achieve valuable business benefits.

AGILE Software Entwicklung und Safety: Zwei Welten? (English)

von Embedded Office

Agile methodologies offer businesses and other organisations some very tangible benefits in software development. However, could the streamlined processes and accelerated ways of working cause unacceptable risks on safety-critical projects, where failure is unacceptable? Here, we examine the key issues and important considerations for those considering looking to introduce Agile's flexibility into their repertoire of techniques when developing software for safety systems.

Die Bedeutung von Versionskontrolle, Git und GitHub (English)

von Embedded Office

Once denigrated by opponents, version control has risen in importance and become essential in embedded software for safety-critical industries and applications. Why is this so? And what of the tools to manage versions, such as Git and GitHub? Here, we summarise the background and look at secure, collaborative solutions for developer teams and organisations, whether small or large.

Leistungsoptimierung in SoCs (Systems on Chips) (English)

von Embedded Office

Review why power optimisation is set to become so critical in SoCs, even though new methodologies to analyse processor heating vs performance at the design stage are still under development. What of future power management trends in embedded circuits – and how will the IEEE P2415 and Portable Stimulus standards work?

Safety und Security in kommenden Flugsteuerungen (English)

von Embedded Office

Safety is essential in critical applications such as fly-by-wire aircraft controls and new WAIC (Wireless Avionics Intra-Communications) technology, but industry experience and news reports show that security threats and hacking are all too frequent. How can embedded hardware and software engineers develop and design safe and secure control systems to protect aeroplanes, passengers and crew?

Security in Embedded Systemen im industriellen Umfeld (English)

von Embedded Office

Small microcontrollers are widespread but are not typically equipped to deal with security challenges and threats from cyber-attacks and hackers. So how can embedded code programmers, software developers and hardware engineers achieve an ideal of server level security in such small systems? Here, we examine these crucial topics and some ways to approach the security issues involved in embedded systems and miniature controllers.

Wie man Dateien ohne Versionskontrolle identifiziert (English)

von Matthias Riegel

In a safety critical application, a source file that is used by an application, must be the exact same version that was used during code review and software testing. It must be possible to prove, that this is the case. This article describes the short comings of a widely used approach and present an alternative which allows consistent file identification - even when collaborating with multiple independent companies with multiple independent version control systems (VCS).

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