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Wir - die Embedded Office Blogger - möchten unsere Gedanken und Erfahrungen mit Ihnen teilen. Wir planen an dieser Stelle Themen aus Forschung, Software Technologie und Trends des Embedded Marktes zu diskutieren.

Wir wünschen viel Spaß beim Lesen unserer Artikel.

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Die Artikel der Embedded Office Blogger

Data in Embedded Systems

von Matthias Riegel

In this article, I will show some data structures for storing groups of records. They can all be used in any kind of storage (RAM, NVRAM, Flash, hard disk), but some may be more suitable for some storage devices than others.

Secure Random Numbers

von Matthias Riegel

In the previous article (Simple Random Numbers in Embedded Systems) I described basic algorithms and how to use them building upon it, I give an overview in this article on how pseudo random number generators ...

The Value of IoT

von Andrea Dorn

Everywhere, for the last years, you are faced with the Buzz Words "IoT" - Internet of Things, "industrie 4.0" and "Big Data". They shall express that everything is connected and that there are big amounts of data ...

Simple Random Numbers

von Matthias Riegel

Many problems can be solved by using random numbers. In this article, I describe some basic algorithms, how they need to be initialized and how to use them to produce numbers, suitable for unsecure usage ...

Soft Error Protection

von Michael Hillmann

My estimation for the future is a rising number of projects, where soft errors must be considered - even for non safety critical devices. In this article I give an overview of measures we can insert in our software ...

How to run your RTOS on a chip

von Wolfgang Engelhard

It is commonly perceived that porting a kernel scheduler for a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) is a quick and easy thing. In this article I try to outline the basic steps to get a pre-emptive scheduler running ...

Migrate from EEPROM to FLASH

von Fridolin Kolb

Almost all applications in embedded systems have the need to store some data in non volatile memory areas in order to have it available after power loss. A lot of those systems until now have used ...

Dynamic Memory in IEC61508 System

von Michael Hillmann

The IEC61508 states, that static memory management is highly recommended. We all are following this recommendation - unless there is a good reason to be more dynamic, right? Then it is time to think about dynamic solutions ...

What our articles will be about

von Andrea Dorn

Today Embedded Systems are an indispensible part. They are used in totally different products in many different branches: in cars and airplanes, in consumer appliances like smart phones and coffee machines, ...