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Support in Embedded Software Development

One cannot tie a knot with just one hand.

This Mongolian proverb says metaphorically that one creates together more than one person alone. However, a properly knotted node also saves lives. For example, in case of a fall from the wall. And - it holds together what has been linked.

Such close links are important to us. We stick together until the knock is solved. Until the project has been completed successfully.

We provide our experience as developers of embedded systems to our customers in an unlimited manner. We develop software packages which effectively and reliably perform on different customer-specific hardware platforms. Furthermore, we are in the position to develop and verify safety-critical applications and certify them according to various standards.


Development Tools

During the development of embedded systems, auxiliary programs for visualizing the processes within the target systems are indispensable. We utilize proven tools, libraries and components from various manufacturers. If no solution exists on the market for special problems, we are also capable of creating an appropriate tool. We can thus quickly create an effective and reliable development or respectively test environment.


Embedded systems are often comprised of a large number of subsystems. These distributed systems are connected to each other through various communication options. We are familiar with various bus systems from different industries and know how to optimize the respective features, and if necessary, how to combine them:

  • CAN Bus
  • ARINC429
  • MIL-STD-1553
  • TCP/IP
  • USB